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how to erase computer hard drive before selling computer?

More Posted time:Dec 15, 2022 19:40 PM
Well, if you think that formatting a hard drive can save your data from unauthorized access, then you are wrong. Formatted hard drive can be easily restored using data recovery software.

For permanent data erasure, go with NetforChoice Data Destruction Software, an automated solution that allows you to erase your storage device beyond the scope of recovery. In addition, the toolkit complies with more than 14 international erasure methods.

Steps to erase computer hard drive before selling computer:

1) Download & Install the software the Data Wipe software.
2) Next select the file option "Logical Drives" or "Select Files."
3) Afterward, select the "Wipe method" and apply the data filters.
4) Last step is to click on the "Wipe" button to erase data from storage devices.

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Posted time:Jan 23, 2023 15:39 PM
If you want to erase computer hard drive before selling computer then, you can go with the latest and most robust CubexSoft Data Eraser Tool. This tool supports various storage devices to erase single as well as multiple files or folders at a time. With this Data Eraser Software, one can simply erase complete data from logical drives like C:\, D:\, E:\, etc. This software provides dual modes for data wiping i.e. Select File or Select Folder. Also, the program has 10+ wiping methods. The tool provides a free demo version that enables to permanent data destruction of 10 files under 5MB.
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