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Top Methods to Move Google Drive Folder to Another Account

More Posted time:Dec 13, 2022 14:45 PM

There are more than 6 million businesses utilizing Google Workspace today, and the vast majority of them rely on Google Drive for their data storage needs. Although Google Drive makes it simple to work together on documents within an organization, there may be times when users or administrators need to move Google Drive folder to another account. Either you can use the Sysinfo Google Drive Migrator Tool or apply the following manual steps.

Steps to Transfer Google Drive Folder from One to Another
  • First, access the account you'll be sending the files from.
  • The second stage is to find the folder or file you wish to move.
  • Third, select "Download" from the menu that appears when you right-click the file or folder.
  • In the fourth step, you'll enter your credentials for the account where you'll store the downloaded file.
  • In Step 5, depending on what you downloaded, either select "Upload files" or "Upload folder" from the "My Drive" drop-down menu.
  • Transfer the downloaded file(s) or folder(s) to this user account.

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Posted time:Dec 13, 2022 15:44 PM
To move file or folder data from one Google Drive to Another Drive, you can use the Aryson Google Drive Migration Tool which easily moves or transfer data from One Google Drive to another. Most of us have more than one Google Drive account, but Google hasn't yet provided an easy way to move files from one Google Drive to another. To move files from one account to another, you must use a workaround. And this Google Drive Migration software does this work easily.

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Posted time:Feb 24, 2023 19:41 PM
If you want to move your Google Drive to another account, then try the most recommend third-party Cigati Google Drive Migration Tool to backup and transfer google drive files to another account. Also, it can transfer all your files and data from Google Drive to OneDrive & local drive with no data loss. The demo version of the can backup upto 20 MB of data.