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Free BKF File Extractor

More Posted time:Dec 5, 2022 14:56 PM
Windows backup is created in the system by NT Backup. This backup file is known as the BKF file. But, the BKF file gets corrupted for many reasons and displays errors. So, in this write-up, we will discuss how to recover corrupt BKF files. Now, let's get started with manual methods:

1. Download cabinet files and export them to a different folder.
2. For NT Backup, run the .exe file.
3. "Removal Storage Not Running" pop-up box appears.
4. Click Next> Storage Files and Settings> Next.
5. Click Browse and locate the file.
6. Select the folder from the left and choose the files.
7. Click on Next> Advanced> Browse, then choose the location of the resultant file.
8. Hit the Next button and choose the appropriate option.

The above steps can help you restore the damaged BKF file, but it contains a high risk of data loss. This method is not suitable for non-tech users. A minor mistake can lead to data loss. To avoid these issues, you can use the Aryson BKF Recovery tool. It is the safe and best way to extract data from damaged BKF files. Users can restore large BKF files successfully because there is no size limitation. Multiple files can be recovered in a single go without disturbing the folder hierarchy.