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Recommended WhiteBook: Best Practices for Web Application Hosting

More Posted time:Dec 15, 2016 15:07 PM

Today, most organizations varying from small, medium to large-sized enterprises need an efficient web application hosting solution to manage their hosting needs. The uptime and availability of web applications are often coupled with business growth. It is, therefore, necessary to have a robust and resilient infrastructure to create a seamless experience for your customers and thereby empower your business.

This whitepaper aims to provide a quick comparison between traditional and modern modes of web hosting using cloud services and describes how cloud computing has the edge over conventional methods. This document provides a practical reference to real-time business use cases, their impact, and best practices to help IT system managers, solution architects, and technology heads, handle critical deployment scenarios. It also gives you a deep dive into the benefits of Alibaba Cloud services and how it can help you efficiently manage the most demanding web application hosting situations.

Resources: Best Practices for Web Application Hosting

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