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Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Moving Your Business to the Cloud

More Posted time:Dec 10, 2016 16:02 PM
Here are 5 most common cloud migration slip-ups.

1. Thinking all clouds are created equal

All cloud service providers offer the same, right? No. However, this isn’t always apparent. From security solution to server infrastructure, there is hardly any matching point among them. Beyond public, private and hybrid cloud environment, each provider has its own set of pros and cons. Your IT team researching the cloud environment should have a clear understanding of how they intend to use them.
Choosing the right one depends on the applications and requirements wherein you’ve already invested. Hook up with providers that offer flexible rather than take-it-or-leave-it services. Seek out that provider that takes the time to understand your business requirements and can partner you for a long time.

2. Expecting immediate cost savings

One of the key reasons businesses want to move to the cloud is cost reduction. Most companies expect savings right from day one. But once implemented, they feel that saving cost is one of the most challenging tasks.  Although cloud may save costs for your business in the long term, there can be significant upfront costs involved while migrating to the cloud. It’s important to sort your priorities and arrange cost-benefit equation accordingly.
Think of the big picture – evaluate solutions by thoroughly analyzing the benefits and features rather than just marginal cost savings.

3. Migrating all apps to the cloud at once

Another cloud migration mistake is going all in and moving all their apps and online services to the cloud in one go. One might think of it as efficient use of resources, but some applications simply do not belong to the cloud. For example, complex legacy applications may not be worth moving to the cloud since they may require more resources like time and investment.
Moreover, moving all applications at once comes with a deal of risk as well– what if you are not happy with your current cloud provider or if it goes down or your staff is not able to adapt to it. Start small and be considerate of the actual tech-friendliness that you and your staff possess. Consider both the pros and cons against deploying apps on the cloud.

4. Neglecting connectivity

Not only your service provider should have a good connectivity at their end but you also need a reliable connectivity solution to run your workloads. It may happen that your current broadband is not able to keep up with the demands of cloud storage. When you are moving your applications to the cloud, ensure that your way of accessing the cloud, that is the internet connection, is reliable and strong. Usually, companies are lured by low storage pricing which leads to experience substandard performance – thinking it – ‘the cloud’ which is slow.

5. Throwing away old IT hardware

What happens to your old equipment when you move to the cloud? One of the common mistakes most companies make is that they either throw out their old on-site equipment or pay someone to get rid of it. You may find it surprising that there are people willing to pay for your old hardware. According to IDC, US market for used equipment is about $70 billion/year.
You shouldn’t throw it away; you always have the option to sell it for a few hundred or thousand dollars. But the best move would be to ease your way into the cloud. Instead of going all-in at the first get go, slowly and replace your old hardware in tiers.

Source: Ace Cloud Hosting

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Posted time:Mar 8, 2019 14:21 PM
Good reminders for those who are migrating to the Cloud in  a hurry.
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Gonna save this one!

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Posted time:Sep 27, 2021 14:55 PM

The highly advanced Cloud computing technology has acted as a blessing for most of businesses as it holds numerous benefits under its sleeves which proves to be very fruitful. In addition to making things cost-effective and efficient, it has also enhanced the security and teamwork of businesses as well.

Nowadays, most of the businesses are using fruitful cloud technology in one form or another like QuickBooks Non-profit hosting, but shifting to the cloud isn’t something that firms do every day. Shifting to the cloud is a once-in-a-lifetime decision and it doesn’t matter how advanced you are in terms of technology, moving all your data to the cloud and making sure a smooth shift to the cloud isn’t an easy task.

You should know that we are living in an era where there are many when it comes to shifting to cloud computing solutions but if you will choose the right method for shifting to the solution like QuickBooks non-profit only then you will be able to make a smooth shift and that too without any issue. Without the smooth process, there are maximum chances that you will never be able to make the most of the shift to the fruitful QuickBooks non-profit solution on the cloud platform.

So, in this blog post, we will be looking at the 5 pitfalls which you should steer clear of while moving to the cloud.

Thinking that all the cloud computing solutions are the same

Most businesses think that the cloud service offered by all the providers is the same. But this is not the fact. There are different types of cloud solutions that are different in terms of security, infrastructure, cost, etc. Even if you have made your mind to choose from public, private, or hybrid cloud, you still have to look at the benefits and drawbacks of different hosting providers as there are a lot of differences in their service.

So, before moving to cloud technology, your technology team should clearly know what they want because that’s how they will be able to choose the best QuickBooks hosting provider and enjoy the benefits of the fruitful cloud platform.

This is one of the most common mistakes made by most of the firms out there when they start planning to shift to the cloud. Well, there is nothing bad in this type of thorough process as many firms have the same thought, especially those who are witnessing clouds for the first time in their life.

Cloud will offer quick saving

One of the main reasons why most businesses move to the cloud is cost saving. Although it is true that cloud computing is one of the most economical solutions, it's applicable only in the long run. If you are expecting the cloud to save costs for your business from day one, then you are completely wrong about your perception and benefits of the cloud as the shift to the cloud requires some upfront cost.

And it is also not the right way to choose cloud computing just to save costs because cloud computing has a much bigger effect on your firm rather than just being a cost-saving tool.  It is true that when you shift to the cloud, you will be able to save money but this doesn’t mean this will happen instantly. You will need to dedicate time and money in order to allow the cloud to start offering your cost-cutting benefits in the best possible way.

No training required

Even though the concept of cloud computing has now become a new normal for businesses, still many IT professionals don’t know much about it and especially when this is their first migration. Without proper knowledge and training, cloud adoption can become a big headache for you as instead of being a fruitful and cost-effective solution, it can prove to be a burden for you. That’s why you should give proper training to your employees so that they can become familiar with cloud computing.

Not choosing the right cloud provider

One of the biggest mistakes made by firms, while shifting to cloud computing is choosing the wrong hosting provider. For example, there are various QuickBooks hosting providers in the market and every hosting provider has its own uniqueness and drawbacks. If you don’t do a proper analysis of their services and security, then it can prove to be a disaster for your businesses. But you can choose from some of the best QuickBooks hosting providers by going through their services in detail.

You will need to choose the best cloud hosting provider on the basis of various factors and you can’t just choose a cloud hosting provider on the basis of your instinct. There might be a long list of cloud hosting providers out there but this doesn’t mean that all of those cloud hosting providers are good.

Quickly migrating

You should always follow the baby step formula for migrating to cloud technology as in addition to wiping out the bad surprises it will also help in a smooth shift. With the adoption of the baby step formula, you will be able to understand the challenges faced while shifting on a small scale and can easily overcome it while making the actual move.

Shifting your business to the cloud can prove to be a blessing for your business but you should always look for the above-mentioned pitfalls which can turn your dream of shifting to the cloud into a nightmare.

If you are running a business in the modern era and not using the power of cloud hosting by moving to QuickBooks hosting then you are making one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Gone are those days when businesses used to deal with their operation without the use of any type of technology as, in the modern era, technology has become an uttermost important part of every business process and therefore, you will need to come up with a plan to make the most of the current technology.