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[Promotion Campaigns]Up to extra $200 USD off Alibaba Cloud global products in 13 regions

More Posted time:Dec 5, 2016 20:38 PM
Celebrate Opening of 4 Global Regions
Up to extra $200 USD off Alibaba Cloud global products in 13 regions

Campaign Specifications
Participants: All registered users of
Coupon Specs:
1. Only one coupon can be used per order line. Coupons can only be applied once.
2. Coupons can only be used for subscription orders of ECS, RDS and Anti-DDoS products.
3. The coupons can be generated from Dec 1, 2016 to Dec 31, 2016. The coupons are valid 30 days after being generated.
4. The coupon does not apply to Webhosting Package, Starter Package campaigns.
5. After you get the coupon successfully and your order line satisfies the preferential terms, the system will automatically display the preferential price.  

Coupon Use Details
1. Our billing system will select the applicable coupons within your account for your order as per the order’s product, subscription type and order amount. If your coupon satisfies the order our system will select that coupon as a default coupon. If you wish to use another coupon, you have the option to change the default.

2. Only one coupon can be used at one time. If you have many coupons, please select the coupon you wish to use. You can also select: ‘Do not use coupon’.
3. When you chose the coupon it will show in the bottom right, Spend $XX.XX, get $XX.XX Off. You can review the price of final payment and then place an order to pay.
4. A Single Coupon can only be used for a single ECS order line at a time.
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