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Prepare for the ICP Filing

More Posted time:Dec 5, 2016 13:57 PM
As long as you have a domain name and a server, you can start the website record-filing procedures.
Notes: Some domain name suffixes do not support ICP Filing; Some server products do not support ICP Filing; We recommend you pay attention to this when purchasing a server.

Required documents for the website ICP Filing are as follows:
Organizer certificates (business license or organization code certificate)
Document of the person in charge of the organizer (ID card, passport, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents or Military Officer Certificate)
Document of the person in charge of the website (ID card, passport, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents or Military Officer Certificate)
Authenticity check list for website ICP Filing
Verified photo of the person in charge of the website
Domain name certificate, residence permit (some provinces require this information in specified conditions)
The above information about the required documents is for your reference.
For details, you can check the regulations of the competent authority.
Three steps for website record-filing:
I. Submit the application in the system
After you have the domain name and server ready, register and log in to the ICP agent record-filing system, enter the information required and submit the application;
Notes: The system will automatically judge your record-filing type (first record-filing/new ISP/new website) and start the procedure; If you add a new ISP or website, you need to enter the correct Beian SN and ICP password. Otherwise the competent authority may reject your application.
II. Authenticity check
After your record-filing application passes the preliminary review, you need to apply for mailing the backdrop in the record-filing system homepage. Please fill in a correct mailing address and contact information to ensure normal express delivery.
Notes: Different authorities may have different requirements. We recommend you check the requirements for the next step by logging in to the record-filing system after the review is completed.
III. Competent authority issues the SN
The competent authority will notify users directly via SMS and e-mail about the review results:
1.  Record-filing successful: Please properly keep the Beian SN and password for modifying record information or adding a website in the future.
2.  Record-filing failure: Please modify the record-filing information according to the rejection reasons, and re-submit the information.

The ICP Filing can be roughly categorized into the following types:
First record-filing: The domain name hasn't been filed for record and the organizer certificate has no Beian SN.
New ISP: The domain name has been filed for record through another internet service provider, and you need to change the internet provider information.
New website: The domain name hasn't been filed for record and the organizer certificate has a Beian SN. The domain name needs to be added to the Beian SN of this subject.
Modifying a website: The domain name and organizer certificate have acquired Beian SN from your service, and you need to change the subject information or website information.
Choose the record filing tutorial based on your actual situations. If you don't know whether the domain name or certificate has been recorded or not, log in to Alibaba Cloud ICP agent record-filing system to enter the information, and the system will automatically judge the record-filing type for you.
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1st Reply#
Posted time:Dec 11, 2016 8:33 AM
If I only need a CDN in China, what service do I need to register in order to apply for the ICP?

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2nd Reply#
Posted time:Mar 27, 2017 16:21 PM
As  long as your  domain has ICP (no matter register from which company), you can use CDN service in mainland China.

If you want to apply ICP through us, you need to have a subscription type ECS, to apply for ICP.