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[Reference architecture] Image sharing

More Posted time:Dec 5, 2016 13:46 PM
Industry requirements
Image sharing is a common business scenario in the internet sector, such as e-commerce applications, social networking applications, applications targeting the image service and vertical mobile applications. Image sharing business scenarios have special requirements for computing, storage and distribution:
1. Fast response for image uploading and downloading. Image uploading and downloading speeds determine the user experience to a great extent. It is required that successfully uploaded images should be instantly visible, and there is no pause while downloading.
2. Capacity to respond to sudden increases in service demands. During major holidays or emergencies, the image sharing business may face a heavy business peak, with the computing, storage and distribution bandwidths all increasing several-fold or more.
3. Reasonable overall costs for storage and distribution. Storage and distribution costs constitute a large part of the overhead of image-sharing applications, and the storage of large applications is usually in PBs or even 10PBs, with the distribution bandwidth at hundreds of Gbps.

The following architecture is available on Alibaba Cloud targeting the image sharing business scenarios to achieve a better user experience and high cost-effectiveness:

Explanation of solution architecture:
1. Image uploading requests are processed by the web service cluster. The traffic of uploading requests is first distributed by the Load Balancing Service (SLB) to the ECS upload handling cluster. The Elastic Scaling Service (ESS) is then used to increase or decrease the number of ECSs in the upload handling cluster to meet peak fluctuations in the uploading business.
2. The image data storage service stores the image index data and original image files. The uploading handling cluster writes the image index into the URL database, and the URL database adopts the cloud database (RDS) provided by Alibaba Cloud to realize fast writing and reading of massive indexes; Store the original image file to the Open Storage Service (OSS).
3. OSS also provides the image processing service and you can directly get a processed image via the HTTP method. The image processing function includes image resizing, cropping, adding text, adding watermarks and format conversion.
4. Content Distribution Network (CDN) distributes images to the clients. Alibaba Cloud makes special optimization on the image dispatching process to accelerate image downloading and improve stability.

Solution features and advantages
1. Superior network experience. Empowered by Alibaba's superior BGP bandwidth and CDN optimized for image services, Alibaba Cloud solutions provide customers with the best image uploading and browsing experience.
2. More reliable data storage. The data reliability of Alibaba Cloud OSS reaches 99.99999999%, and OSS is capable of hot standby within the same city and remote disaster recovery.
3. Reasonable costs. In this solution, elastic architecture is used in storage, computing, and distribution; two billing modes, fixed billing and pay-as-you-go, are provided. Compared with the costs for a self-built IDC, costs for this solution are greatly reduced.
4. Enhanced scalability. The storage, computing and distribution capabilities in the solution can easily extend from the most basic configuration to tens of thousands of cores for computing, dozens of PBs for storage, and several TBbps for network distribution.