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MeiGo on Cloud, a touch away from the best products

More Posted time:Dec 5, 2016 13:30 PM
The Computing Conference - Hangzhou Summit was unveiled on October 13, 2016. Gao Kai, CTO of MeiGo in the e-business session, delivered an important speech titled The Path of Imported Product E-businesses Going on Cloud. This sharing session started with the development phases of MeiGo, focusing on MeiGo’s development path based on Alibaba Cloud architecture and gave suggestions to entrepreneurs of startups from scratch. Highlights you cannot miss -
The content below is summarized based on the speech PPT files and inputs shared on site:
This article starts with the development phases of MeiGo, focusing on MeiGo’s development path based on Alibaba Cloud architecture, and comments on Alibaba Cloud solutions for e-businesses. In the process of public innovation and entrepreneurship, with the basic platform services maturing, the whole team can stay more focused on the business to let technical creativity solve business-related issues, and specialized teams handle more basic construction work.
Below are some highlights of the speech:
Shanghai has 170,000 expatriates, and 200,000 Chinese who returned from the overseas. They bring their own lifestyles, and affect the lifestyles of people around them. Shanghai is home to 500 supermarkets of imported goods, which mirrors the huge demand. We hope to provide superior services for such consumer groups. MeiGo supplies fresh products from the countries of origin around the world through its global supply chains. It offers one-stop purchase of imported fruits, global snacks, home appliances and personal care products, maternal and child supplies and other household goods.
Development phases of MeiGo

The problem in the first phase is how to quickly launch a transaction system online. With the rapid development of cross-border e-businesses, the overall costs were reduced thanks to the favorable policies, and a new model of social-networking shopping emerged. We made no investment in advertisements and won many customers relying on the social shopping modes. Our app was launched for official operation in 2016, and we also cooperated with to achieve more refined operation and provide better services for our clients.
Business features of MeiGo
In the mobile e-business age, the environment faced by e-businesses has changed a lot. MeiGo businesses feature mobility and fragmentization and shopping activities are made through social ways such as sharing and group purchasing in communities.
Starting stage of architecture

MeiGo quickly set up a simple structure to cope with the rapid development. We selected ECStore, a comparatively mature e-business sales product in China, and an ERP system based on SaaS to connect the front-end sales and back-end order handling systems as well as bonded warehouses and self-built warehouses. From its Day 1, MeiGo adopts public clouds for all of its businesses. With no self-built server rooms, the monitoring and O&M of the entire system are not affected at all. This is highly related to the fast development of Alibaba Cloud.
Developing stage of architecture

We split the primary core modules into microservices, such as the member offerings, various promotional services, searches of goods and so on. The splitting was conducted leveraging the team experience in a service-oriented approach. We made full use of Alibaba Cloud products to bring the system coupling and scalability up to the business requirements. MeiGo strives to create full-stack teams in the broad sense. The teams and O&M are closely connected with the products. The decision-making on a feature involves the input of everyone.

We established the data analysis system, the recommendation system and CRM system by extensive application of the Alibaba Cloud big data computing platform. Similarly, we also try to use the mature services provided by Alibaba Cloud in security protection and O&M monitoring sectors, saving a lot of costs.
The performance issue is in front of many e-businesses. MeiGo adopts Alibaba Cloud DNS and CDN for the network, SLB and Scaling for the system, MQS for the middleware, and RDS read-only instances and Redis for the database. All these can jointly ensure the fast elevation of response capabilities in peak periods, at a very low cost.
Alibaba Cloud e-business solutions

MeiGoo has applied Alibaba cloud e-business solutions profoundly in various modules, with some applied and some on the way for application. Taking the intelligent speech for example, MeiGo is an efficiency-pursuing company and the customer service calls should be converted to texts for judgment; MeiGo is also working on the verification of the search by images.
The engineering quality has witnessed significant enhancement through the Alibaba Cloud public cloud platform. Sometimes the entire link should be tested to launch a new feature, and sometimes the development of a quick and small feature is concurrent when a major feature is being developed. With the help of containerized migration on the cloud, the testing environment efficiency can be improved. Similarly, with the public cloud end for the continuous integration and release, the process becomes more efficient.
Only by good products + good services can we attract satisfied customers.