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Best ways to convert PDF files to Word and other file formats

More Posted time:Sep 21, 2022 15:30 PM
PDF Converter Tool allows users to convert single and multiple PDF files to Word in a single go. Using the software, users can convert PDF to Word, HTML, EML, RTF, TXT, EPUB, SVG, etc file formats. Using the PDF Converter, users can convert and save PDF files into Image format like JPEG, PNG, GIF. Moreover, the software also allows to set the Pixel, DPI, and Image quality while converting PDF files into Image formats.

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Posted time:Nov 3, 2022 17:16 PM
MacSonik PDF Converter for Mac allows users to easily convert PDF to Word. With this utility, users can batch convert PDF files with high data accuracy. This tool maintains data integrity and accuracy throughout the conversion process. With the help of a PDF conversion tool, users can also convert password-protected PDF files. This utility helps convert PDF files to Doc, DOCX, HTML, and many other file formats.

Steps to convert PDF files to Word-
1. Run the MacSonik PDF converter on Mac.
2. Click on the Select Files option and add the desired PDF files.
3. Choose Word as the desired file format from the drop-down box.
4. Click Convert to start the conversion process.