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[AliCloud Startup Program]Domaine name transfer & Server transfer

More Posted time:Nov 24, 2016 6:28 AM

I have a very general and shallow understanding of servers, I am currently in the process of finishing an e-commerce website aimed at the Chinese Mainland market. I am interested in hosting in Hong Kong since we are a small startup and cannot afford the substantial capital requirements to have a WFOE within China (that is a prerequisite for the ICP-license).

I figured that I would need a Cloudserver in Hong Hong (2 Core CPU, 8GB Memory, 60GB Ultra Cloud Disk, 4TB Data Transfer). What I am unsure of is, if the server is managed, meaning that it is taken care of by professionals, or is that something left out to me as an individual ?

For instance, would I receive assistance in migration from my current hosting/domaine provider to the Alibaba Cloud ?


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Posted time:Nov 24, 2016 14:03 PM

If you purchase the server, it will be hosted in the Alibaba cloud, which specific operations need to be completed and managed by yourself. Specific operations you can contact sales and they will pass you to an Alibaba Cloud partner to help.