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[Share]How your friends can help you earn money to your Alibaba Cloud account

More Posted time:Nov 11, 2016 17:33 PM
Hi all, in case you didn’t already know I thought I would share with you Alibaba Cloud’s new refer a friend promotion and show you how you can earn money too.

I’ve been earning coupons myself from sharing my referral code link with friends. For each friend I successfully recommend, I get a $6 coupon from Alibaba Cloud once my friend registers and spends $20 on Alibaba Cloud. I am planning to put these coupons towards Alibaba Cloud’s Starter Package, which is just $8. :)

So anyway, here’s how you do it:

1. Log in to Alibaba Cloud Console

2. Find your Referral Code link

3. Share your specific referral code link with your friends on social media or directly sending them the code by email.
4. Earn coupons after your friend/s register and spend $20 on Alibaba Cloud.
5. Check the coupons on the Alibaba Cloud Console.

Here I would like to share with you the details about the coupon:
- If your friend spends USD $20 on their new Alibaba Cloud account you will receive a USD $6 coupon to use on your own Alibaba cloud account.
- Coupons can be used to purchase any Alibaba Cloud product and service, and can also be used to purchase discounted packages.

Hope you enjoy and benefit from the referral code program and here is my referral code link, please feel free to register and free trial Alibaba Cloud.

Here is the Official Guideline.