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What are the major advantages if using Tally on the Cloud Server?

More Posted time:Sep 3, 2022 19:43 PM
Tally is the most used application to maintain company accounts and finance data. And also could be used for multi-location in a company. The major drawback of Tally is a system-based application and we can not access it using any browser. So that means that you need the same system/computer where it’s installed. To overcome this situation, You can install it into a Cloud Based server. And access from anywhere, anytime. So some of the advantages explained below make the Tally user’s life easier. And give you a promise to move your tally to the cloud using NetForChoice.
Major advantages of Tally on the Cloud Server-
1. Users can access it anywhere. No dependency on machines.
2. OS dependency is exhausted, Can be accessed from any OS.
3. Can use it 24X7.
4. No Need to maintain the Server or Machine on your site to run the Tally.