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How to make a secured PDF to unsecured?

More Posted time:Aug 18, 2022 20:25 PM

Most of the time, users forget their passwords after encrypting their PDF files. They cannot open, edit, or share the file without a password. I have a solution to get rid of this problem. Unlock your pdf with the Aryson PDF Unlocker tool and share your pdf without sharing your password. Only you need to enter the existing password while unlocking the file. After that, you can easily access the file without using the password.

Here’s how you can unlock a pdf file:
Step 1: Download Aryson PDF Unlocker and run it as an administrator.
Step 2: Click on the Add Folders or Add Files button and add pdf.
Step 3: Enter the existing password and click the OK button.
Step 4: Select the destination path and press Unlock.Step 5: Choose the PDF option and click on the Unlock button.