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Simplied and risk-free methods to Transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail accounts with attachments

More Posted time:Aug 17, 2022 14:50 PM
Recently, many users are facing problems with their Yahoo accounts. Since there have been many security breaches by Yahoo and many times users fail to log in to their Yahoo accounts. As a result, many users look for a solution to transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail accounts with attachments.

Manual method to Transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail accounts -

1. Open Gmail and Sign in to your account.
2.  Go to settings and click on see all settings.
3.  Select the Accounts and Import tab.
4. Navigate to  Import Mails and Contacts.
4. Then, enter the Yahoo Mail address, and click Continue.
5. Input the Yahoo login credentials, and select Next.
6. Proceed to the import option after clicking the Agree button.
7. Choose the Yahoo Mail items to import and then click on Start import

To avoid the hassle to transfer Yahoo Mail to a Gmail account using the manual method and risking your data. I would recommend using the professional Yahoo backup tool. It easily creates a backup of Yahoo emails to various file formats and email clients without any data loss. Also, it clear up the server space after creating the backup of Yahoo emails efficiently.
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Posted time:Aug 17, 2022 17:51 PM
If you are searching for a simple and risk-free method to transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail accounts with attachments then free download the Yahoo Migration Tool specially Designed by Corbett Software. This tool is a complete solution to migrate your Yahoo emails to a Gmail account with complete email attachments without any hassle. You can hassle-free migrate your bulk Yahoo emails to your Gmail account.

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Posted time:Sep 27, 2022 16:09 PM
Do you want to transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail then this write-up is for you. Recently I followed this article to transfer Yahoo to Gmail. It provides two methods to migrate Yahoo to Gmail. The first is the manual method and the second is the use of Professional Tool. The manual method is free of cost but has some limitations that's why I would recommend you to use the Yahoo Backup Tool.