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How to Export Thunderbird Contact List to Outlook?

More Posted time:Aug 5, 2022 19:27 PM
When you Are looking to Export Thunderbird Contacts to Outlook File Format. This data can not be directly converted. Users can go the manual way to waste a lot of time and lose data. As a condition, as a regular member, I recommended using the Mechanical Remedy Thunderbird to Outlook Converter Tool. It's trustable and fast. After buying this software, you can easily convert files into multiple formats like PST, CSV, and VCF Format without wasting time and losing data.

Take the following steps to follow the manual:
  • Open Thunderbird and select Tools >> Address Book from the menu bar.
  • Select Tools >> Export once again.
  • Select CSV from the list of file formats. Add a name to the contact file as well.
  • Thunderbird Address Book contacts transformed to an Outlook-compatible format.
  • Open Outlook and select File>> Open and Export from the File menu.
  • Select the Comma Separated Values file format from the Import Export Wizard.
  • As a result, all contacts in Thunderbird's Address Book are exported to Outlook.

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Posted time:Aug 8, 2022 10:59 AM
How to export thunderbird Contacts list to Outlook? With the help of KDETools Thunderbird Contacts Converter tool is a best solution to Convert Thunderbird Contacts list to Outlook with easy process.

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