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What Makes CAD Training Institute Different from Others in Delhi?

More Posted time:Jul 2, 2022 22:10 PM

With years of experience in the training of CAD applications; CAD Training Institute comes among the top reputed training institutes in Rohini, Delhi. However there are lots of training institutes in Rohini mainly which offer training programs for individuals who are interested in learning CAD. But CAD training center Rohini is one such institute that provides both certificate and diploma courses which spread across 12 months.

There are very few institutions which offer 12 months diploma in architecture and interior designing with 100% job placement support. CTI also gives internship opportunities after the completion of the courses.

There are many reasons like these which make it different from others.

First, we will see those courses which are offered by CAD training institute in Delhi. Let’s get started.

CAD courses are given below, check out them.
AutoCAD master course- It is a popular course which is often provided by the training institute. This master course is a short-term certificate course and the duration of this course is 1 month. In this course you will learn about basic drawing setup, printing, 3d modelings, imagings, integrations, and many more. If you want to be an expert in AutoCAD then you can learn it from the best AutoCAD institute in Delhi.

AutoCAD master plus course - The duration of this AutoCAD master plus course is 2 months, in which you will learn more things which are not include in AutoCAD master course. In this course you will learn about creating projections, space and site planning, creating basic geometry, healding blocks, 3d thickness, elevation, etc.

Revit structure course- In this Revit structure course you will learn conceptual mass, rendering, creating selection, grasping annotate, and many more. The duration of this Revit structure course is 1. 5 months. To learn, you must go for Revit structure institute in Delhi.
Revit architecture course- It is 3 months certificate course that covers essential topics like understanding modify, understanding components, room and area, etc.

Advance Revit course- This course is 3 months an advanced Revit course Delhi, in which you will cover important topics while learning this course. These topics are corel, shell, site tool, site tools, view graphics, printing, publishing, and many more.

3ds max course- The duration of this 3ds max course is 3 months, where you learn about shapes, mappings, lightings, rendering, animation basics, etc. So, if you desire to learn this course then you can also join the best 3ds max training institute in Delhi.
AutoCAD electrical course- If you want to be an electrical engineer then you can learn an AutoCAD electrical course from CTI which has the duration of 1. 5 months only. In this course you will learn editing commands, symbol creation, title blocks, and many more.

Even though, there are lots of courses are available which are offered by CAD training institute. But these are essential courses which you must learn under experts. If you want to see more courses then you can check out our CAD courses in Delhi.

Why is CAD Training Institute Different from Other Institutes?

  • They provides 100% job placement
  • High level of communication and collaborations
  • Frequent monitoring of learning and teaching
  • Workshop
  • Internship
  • They give basic to advanced knowledge, and many more.

That all about this institute, if you are interested in joining it then you must first visit or attend a demo class with the experts there.

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