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Repair MBOX File

More Posted time:Jun 29, 2022 18:12 PM
Do you want to know how to repair MBOX file? If yes, then you can download Yota MBOX Migrator Tool which helps you to repair corrupt MBOX file and save it into multiple file formats. This software works with all MBOX files created or exported from any supportive application such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Pocomail, Google Takeout, SeaMonkey, etc.

Some of the Key Features of the MBOX Migration Tool
1. Ease of access for all non-technical person
2. Repair and save MBOX file in MBOX file format
3. Option to save the repaired MBOX file at the desired place
4. Preview mailbox in multiple modes with attached data
5. Add and repair multiple MBOX files at the same time

Read More: https://mailboxconverter.com/how-to-repair-mbox-files-on-windows/