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Best Way to Migrate Office 365 Email to Gmail

More Posted time:Jun 7, 2022 14:00 PM
Download and Install Yota Office 365 Migration Wizard on your Windows PC. This software let you migrate Office 365 email to Gmail account including all attachments. It provides support to directly import emails from Office 365 to Gmail account in hardly 5-10 minutes. Any type of user can easily access the tool because of its simple and friendly interface.

Quick Steps to Migrate Office 365 Emails to Gmail are:
Step 1. Launch Yota O365 Cloud email migration tool.
Step 2. Now, click Open and then select Email Account.
Step 3. Enter login id and password of O365 account.
Step 4. After that select Gmail from the saving options.
Step 5. Add Gmail account credentials and hit on Save button to migrate Office 365 to Gmail.

Read More: https://yotasoftware.com/blogs/import-office-365-email-to-gmail-directly/
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