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Office 365 to Google Workspace Migration

More Posted time:Jun 4, 2022 17:58 PM
Are you troubled with Office 365 to Google Workspace migration?  Don't worry as Yota Office 365 Email Migration Tool is here. This will help you to directly migrate Office 365 emails to Google Workspace account. It also offers an option to search and transfer only specific emails from the Microsoft 365 cloud service.
Steps for Office 365 to Google Workspace migration are as follows:
Step 1. Download and launch Yota Office 365 migration wizard.
Step 2. Now, click Open and Email Accounts then add account.
Step 3. Enter the O365 account login id and password.
Step 4. Hit on Export and pick Gmail as a saving option.
Step 5. Now, enter your Google Workspace credentials and click Save.