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How to repair corrupt VMDK files from VMware Datastore?

More Posted time:May 30, 2022 17:47 PM
One of the reliable approaches to repairing corrupt VMDK files is by opting for an advanced and secure VMDK Recovery Tool. However, in case you want to recover the file data manually, then you can refer to this informative article that will provide you with the 2 manual techniques to Repair Corrupt VMDK File. This article will help you to recognize the corrupt VMware data file along with the prominent solution to fix the corrupted files. You can solve this issue by performing the following tips that are elaborated on in this article.

1. Boot the machine to Recover Data From the Corrupt VMDK File.
2. Retrieve the data from corrupt VMDK files Using Command Prompt

However, the manual approach is not able to fix the highly corrupted VMDK files. In such a scenario, Cigati VMDK Recovery Tool is a perfect solution to repair the severely corrupted VMware data files. Apart from this, it also facilitates users to recover the data from fixed and dynamic disk types. It comprises with dual scanning mode along with the Standard, Advanced, and Deep Recovery modes. You can also try its free trial version that will allow you to examine its functionalities.