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Prominent Solution to Open MDF File without SQL Server

More Posted time:May 30, 2022 17:36 PM
There are many instances when users have suffered from the corruption of the MDF file data. In such scenarios, they are looking for the best and most reliable approach to recover the data from that corrupt MDF files. In this regard, I have gone through an informative writeup that provides a prominent utility that will help them to recover the corrupt MDF files and allow them to open MDF file without SQL Server. However, you must have to know about the possible reasons that cause the corruption in your MDF files. Some of them are given here:

1. Corruption due to Power Failure.
2. Corrupt Hard Disk can also lead to affect the MDF file data.
3. Due to the Virus and Malware attacks.

In such a scenario, you need to analyze the root cause of the corruption and then you have to opt for a reliable solution to retrieve your file data. This article will also introduce you to an advanced utility called Cigati SQL Recovery Tool. This utility has some advanced features that instantly repair the corrupt MDF & NDF files in the SQLserver. Also, you will get some additional functionalities that make a reliable solution to fix all the SQL server database issues.

You can also try its free trial version that will allow you to analyze the performance of this advanced software.

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Posted time:Jul 13, 2022 15:56 PM
Open MDF File without SQL Server using the Ideal Solution
If you're unable to open your SQL server database files, then you're not alone. There are several users across the globe facing the same issue. To open an MDF file without using the SQL server, users need to rely on the most advanced SQL Database Viewer Software that even IT experts are using nowadays. This automated tool holds the capacity to provide users with a smart solution. Below are some smart features mentioned in this tool.

1. The automated tool allows users to open & view their MDF data file objects like tables, stored procedures, views, indexes, rules, triggers, etc.
2. This utility automatically detects the SQL server database version from the MDF & LDF files and also offers users the manual option.
3. With the help of this software users can view corrupt/damaged and deleted data files too using the Quick & Advance Scan options.
4. Users do not need to worry about the size of files. It allows users to View Files Without Any Size Limit. This reduces users' hassle.
5. There is no need to download the SQL Server database if they have this automated solution with them.

Due to the wide range of features, IT experts & even Microsoft's MVPs also trust this software & use it frequently. The best thing about this tool is that it is an open-source solution. Users don't have to pay anything o use it. However, for higher advantages, it does offer the Pro version which is also affordable.