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MS Remote connection not working with QuickBooks

More Posted time:May 24, 2022 21:49 PM
I bought a laptop so that my client can use Microsoft Remote Desktop vs. LogMeIn. I followed the below steps:

1. Downloaded Remote app on laptop per his info (IP Port, UN, and PW)

2. After that I Got an Error box message:  Can't verify the identity of the remote PC
Name in the certificate from the remote PC
w10-vm (his business name).local (It may not be safe to connect to this PC. This might be for the following reasons: The certificate's not from a trusted certifying authority. Do you want to connect anyway?)

3. I clicked "Connect" nonetheless, got access to his desktop, noticed his QB companies, and added a new one as he wanted.

4. This new company is not showing up on his QuickBooks nor on his Server

Need help!
Thanks in advance!