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MS Remote connection not working with QuickBooks

More Posted time:May 24, 2022 21:49 PM
I bought a laptop so that my client can use Microsoft Remote Desktop vs. LogMeIn. I followed the below steps:

1. Downloaded Remote app on laptop per his info (IP Port, UN, and PW)

2. After that I Got an Error box message:  Can't verify the identity of the remote PC
Name in the certificate from the remote PC
w10-vm (his business name).local (It may not be safe to connect to this PC. This might be for the following reasons: The certificate's not from a trusted certifying authority. Do you want to connect anyway?)

3. I clicked "Connect" nonetheless, got access to his desktop, noticed his QB companies, and added a new one as he wanted.

4. This new company is not showing up on his QuickBooks nor on his Server

Need help!
Thanks in advance!

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Posted time:May 24, 2022 22:02 PM
Is the server properly licensed and does it have the correct amount of RDS CALs?  That almost sounds like some kind of time out due to lack of licensing.

Or are there other apps running on the RDS Server that keep working?  Is it just Quickbooks Hosting that's doing this?