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Export Google Workspace Emails to PST

More Posted time:May 18, 2022 18:38 PM
It was never an easy task to transfer all data of the Google Workspace into another file format. Firstly, users try availing of the free method, but they might lose their data. If you previously failed to export G Suite emails to PST and are now looking for a better technique, it is better to go towards a reliable solution.
There are multiple advanced solutions, and the Shoviv G Suite backup tool is one such platform which incorporates multiple user-friendly functionalities to reduce the problem while exporting data. The software has excellent features like its do not limit the user to add various user mailboxes and allows to take a preview of all at once.
Generally, the user might face trouble while eliminating the unwanted data from the export process, but it is easier to unselect any data due to its filter option. After exporting the G Suite data, the software also perfectly maintains the folder hierarchy and data integrity.
This solution is 100% secure and comes along with the free trial version; users can look at it to test the software's efficiency.

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