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[Share]Alibaba Cloud Developer Forums Guidelines

More Posted time:Nov 4, 2015 13:00 PM
Alibaba Cloud Developer Forums Guidelines

What is the Alibaba Cloud Developer Forums?
It is an open community for developers all over the world to share their expertise and exchange their ideas freely, as well as a place to get the latest information about the cloud computing industry and Alibaba Cloud. The development of cloud computing relies on you, the users, and you are encouraged to use these forums to share knowledge, techniques and experience in a technique focused, productive and positive cloud environment.
l  Technique focused environment
The Developer Forums is for developers to exchange expertise, practice techniques and discuss knowledge. To maintain a healthy, enjoyable and safe environment, please do not post unrelated topics or articles. Any information containing third party advertisements, pornography, violent or offensive language and religious or political content will be removed by the administrator.
l  Productivity
The Alibaba Cloud Forums recognize people who publish original articles, answer questions and put forward constructive suggestions to Alibaba Cloud. Those who consistently do so will be granted credit points and given more operation rights or the status of star contributor. Alibaba Cloud may, from time to time, ask star contributors to help with the management of certain forums.
l  Privacy
The Alibaba Cloud Forums advocates copyright and privacy protection. Before you post information or upload files, please make sure that you have the rights to post the information and make sure that it contains no false and/or confidential information. Any information that breaches these guidelines will be removed by the administrator.

More detailed rules, pls read Alibaba Cloud Developer Forums Rules
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