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How to edit PDF files by converting them in a DOC file on Mac?

More Posted time:Dec 24, 2021 14:11 PM
Editing files in PDF format is impossible and users have to switch for DOC files. As a user, I would like to suggest a professional and standard Mac PDF Converter Tool to easily and quickly convert PDF files to DOC in bulk. An advanced PDF Converter Tool for Mac allows the users to convert single or multiple PDF files at a time without losing the data integrity and folder hierarchy on Mac. More than this, it has also a feature to save the attachments separately and provide a custom name to the resultant file. Users can also convert PDF files into EML, JPEG, PNG, TXT, GIF, XLS, and 15+ file formats.

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Posted time:Jun 27, 2022 13:53 PM
How Can I Convert TIFF to DOC?
Do you occasionally want to convert TIFF to DOC. You're in the right place; this conversation will show you where to go. This task can be completed either manually or automatically.
Follow these procedures to complete this task manually:
1. Select the TIFF file that has to be converted.
2. Choose DOC as the output format for your TIFF file conversion.
3. To convert your TIFF file, click "Convert."
Users who employ the manual method run the risk of losing data and taking a long time. I suggest using the PCVITA Image Converter Tool in that circumstance as a frequent user. It is efficient and dependable. Once you have this software, you may simply convert TIFF files into a variety of formats, including PDF, PNG, BMP, HTML, JPG, and TEXT.