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[products]Public DNS for ECS instance

More Posted time:Oct 5, 2020 16:28 PM
Hello! I am only a bit familiar with Cloud services coming from basic AWS tutorials, so I wanted to ask if you got a public DNS when you had an aliCloud instance.

My problem: I have a domain that I want to associate with an Ali Cloud instance, however I can't find the way to do an "implicit URL" redirect and not show my IP on the address bar.
I have a type A record, like this:

And I see that I can only create an implicit URL redirect using a domain name, not an IP:

So, do ECS instances get a public DNS? Where would I find that information?
Thanks a lot

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1st Reply#
Posted time:Oct 12, 2020 11:20 AM
Dear camilovietnam,
You could create a ticket in your Alibaba Cloud console and our postsales team will help you with that. Here's the link:
Thank you.

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2nd Reply#
Posted time:Feb 9, 2021 17:55 PM
you just need to point your dns server to instance public dns concept is totally different there is no concern between dns and instance.