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Discussion---What do you think of AWS & Azure & Alibaba Cloud

More Posted time:Aug 8, 2020 1:46 AM
Hi Guys. I just find an interesting thing, the most popular public cloud in the world all start with "A". I want to begin a discussion
What do you think of AWS & Azure & Alibaba Cloud? All three are very very great public cloud products.
Let me first share my personal feelings, it represents nothing.  wish to hear your voice.

AWS: it is nearly the originator of the public cloud, it provides the public cloud from 2006. A huge lead means it would give a great performance on small details.  if you are a new founder, you have enough money, AWS could provide the most stabAzurele cloud service over the world except China.

Azure: the first word come in my mind is Active Directory. Microsoft had given extremely powerful support to Azure. if your company are using most  Microsoft products, the AD, the MS. if you want to move on the cloud, Azure could be the fastest way and very good integration support.

Alibaba Cloud: It would provide a great public cloud service and the price is very attractive. but for myself, Alibaba Cloud is more like a teacher who makes
me perfect. it had the greatest support in the world. you would learn knowledge from the free training videos. and when you met any problem, you would raise a ticket in Alibaba Cloud, it will have the expert help you solve the issues. and it is totally free.  I am truly thankful.  it beats the others

what's more, Cloud Security part, Alibaba Cloud do better. you would see so many products would prevent every risk scenario. but AWS and Azure sometimes you could choose from their partner‘s products

Last, if you have a business in China, Alibaba Cloud is the best in China. you know the AWS and Azure service in China is independent,it is not intercommunicate with the global service.

I like all three, what about you?

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