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Collaboration, Mobility, and Security with QuickBooks Hosting

More Posted time:Jul 29, 2020 13:45 PM
The year 2020 is going to be the year of new rolling tech and the year of progressive steps. For the majority of businesses now, QuickBooks hosting on the cloud is a matter of ‘when’ instead of ‘if.’ With QuickBooks on the cloud accountants and CPAs get the freedom of accessing their data anywhere anytime through the internet. Cloud technology is set to be the new normal for businesses in the coming days.

Collaboration Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Collaboration in the cloud has more to it than just a coveted environment where users can access a particular software. It is an intuitive and smooth platform for SMB owners that provides flexibility in terms of time and remote workspace.  There are numerous benefits of QuickBooks on the cloud in terms of collaboration. In the face of collaborative working, it provides an accessible, affordable, and customizable toolset for QB users to interact easily with due access control being vested with concerned authorities for diligent security measures. QuickBooks cloud hosting has resulted in increased productivity and efficiency.

A recent Forbes survey stated that cloud collaboration enables easy interaction with clients across varied geographical regions or outsourced employees and all of this has become the keystone for a company’s success.

QuickBooks on the cloud makes it an absolute breeze to interact with customers and share data. QuickBooks hosting encourages collaboration among team members by allowing files sync, remote access, larger file storage, and version control. These vital features rendered by the cloud help in eliminating time-consuming transition of files through fax or emails.

Mobility Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Cloud technology’s impact on the accounting industry is deep throttled. Another one of the benefits of taking QuickBooks on the cloud is enhanced mobility. Erstwhile accountants and CPAs had to bear the restraint of logging in to a particular physical system to access QuickBooks and other data files. With cloud hosting, today, files can easily be accessed through a web browser or an RDP connector. The latest updated version of any file is stored in the cloud and is very easily accessed by users with any device. This results in increased productivity thus making accounting much faster and easier.

With cloud hosting, you can have access to your data even via smartphones and other smart mobile devices. This is a great way to keep all the employees of a firm in a loop despite having crunching busy schedule. This is of vital importance in an era when employees want flexibility in the work environment.

Security Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

As a progressively increasing number of businesses are moving their QuickBooks on the cloud, the question of security looms upon the business owners. Security is becoming the top priority of SMBs QuickBooks on the cloud is just the right choice for them.

With cloud-hosted QuickBooks, there is multi-level control in network infrastructure that ensures the utmost data security. Security is rendered in the form of Data Encryption, firewalls, data protection, DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection, regulatory compliance. All of these practices are taken into account by diligent cloud hosting providers in order to provide the best in class security for Quickbooks users. Data encryption drastically reduces the possibility of data theft and round-the-clock support offered by hosting companies to help keep in check any small discrepancies that might creep up. With QuickBooks hosting on the cloud you get access to stronger physical security measures as compared to in-house data, and these security measures ensure that data is always under proper protection. Reputed cloud hosting providers are equipped with apt infrastructure to prevent data loss due to natural disasters or power outages with a diligent disaster recovery plan. The security solutions that these hosting providers have are quite flexible and affordable. This tech-pro era has brought along with it the threat of data breach and ransomware attack and other cyber attacks, and this is just the perfect time alignment to host your QuickBooks on the cloud, as it offers added layers of protection to your data.


One thing to keep in mind when concerning security for your data is to choose your cloud hosting provider only after rigorous research and fetching around in the market. As the quality of service provided by the cloud hosting provider can make or break your QuickBooks experience and productivity. Choose a cloud hosting provider that offers comprehensive coverage for all your hosting requirements. Mobility, collaboration, and security are three perks provided by cloud hosting that are the capstone of modern-day technology.

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Posted time:Aug 11, 2020 22:00 PM
QuickBooks Enterprise hosting service helps improve collaboration among
team members by enabling:
Syncing of files
Remote access to documents
Version control
Authorization of files
Storage of large files
These vital features of cloud eliminate the time-consuming
transition of files through emails. Moreover, there is no need to have many
physical files in hand.