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Are you safe as a QuickBooks cloud hosting user?

More Posted time:Jul 27, 2020 15:57 PM
QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software and when it comes to hosting your QuickBooks on the cloud, you definitely need to care for the security of your data. Previously people used to install QuickBooks desktop on their devices and managed everything but now with the advent of technology hosting is mostly preferred. When we talk about hosting QuickBooks on the cloud, it literally means providing all the advantages to your business with the least efforts.

The good news is, now the QuickBooks desktop can be hosted on the cloud offering perks like remote accessibility and excellent security. Hosting is a go-to for everybody who is traveling or needs to give data access to multiple people at the same time. To make sure that your software is running on the cloud, you need to collaborate with a hosting provider. While you choose a hosting provider, the most important concern should be the security of your data. Since QuickBooks already stores a bunch of important information related to your accounts and finance, it is important to ensure data safety when you opt for hosting.
There are varied varieties of hosting such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, etc but most of the businesses rely on cloud hosting and it is considered safe and reliable. Since cloud hosting includes virtual servers and storing your data with different resources, the chances of data and identity theft are least. But in any case, you need to be safe when you depend on a hosting provider and here are some points that can help:

1. Strong password is a necessity

Yor aren’t new to the saying “ Use a strong password if you need to protect your data, right”? That’s completely true and another truth is everybody knows this but not everybody works on this.
You should never keep easy passwords for your QuickBooks hosting solutions as they carry the needful information. Using less difficult passwords increases the chance of data theft and makes it easy for hackers to operate on your information.

2. Learn to logout

We all are in the habit of leaving our system open or sometimes not logging out of apps when running out of time. It’s true that QuickBooks hosting solutions are most secure but you can’t expect security when you have logged in your books on multiple devices on cloud and you always forget to log out. This surely is an unacceptable habit and you should change it. Try logging off after you check your books and finances on the Quickbooks hosting solution.

3. Keep a check on multi-user access

One of the major advantages of QuickBooks is it provides multi-user accessibility and you can share your data with your colleagues at the same time. Different users can access your data and can make changes, so try sharing all the information only to the eligible ones. Make sure that you safe keep the personal information or restrict them to the particular areas of Quickbooks software to protect any kind of data theft.
Your data security is in your hands and you don’t need to be a witcher to save any kind of data theft from your QuickBooks software. With some easy steps, you are a safe QuickBooks cloud hosting user. Moreover, if you make your work much easier you can always opt for a QuickBooks hosting provider like Sagenext who can make your accounting and finance management task easy with tight security and guarantee all-time services.

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Posted time:Aug 11, 2020 22:30 PM
It is always important for you to keep your business and financial data in a secure environment.If you have your data only in one location or in a local environment, there are high chances of the data being lost. In case of any unknown circumstances, like theft or fire your data may be lost forever. How do you avert the risk of your data being lost? Here the option of QuickBooks hosting comes into the scene, it can be a boon to your business. By Hosting QuickBoons on Cloud, you can be worry and risk-free because your data in the cloud is safe forever. Most of the hosting service providers perform daily backup for your data. So there is not even a single chance of your data being lost.
You don’t even worry about the hackers sneaking into your data. And which is a huge risk in today’s scenario. Because the hosting service offers top notch security for your data. They use state of art encryption system which means only you can access your data and no one else. And the best part is you can access all these service by paying just a nominal fee to the hosting service providers which otherwise could cost you huge amount if you do it in-house.