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Cloud Architecture ---- Alibaba Cloud Datawarehouse Solution

More Posted time:Jul 20, 2020 14:37 PM
I think Alibaba Cloud had provide an amazing Datawarehouse Solution.  it had a great benefit via its global network, combine China and the world together. let me share with you my experiences.

it could be consider into 5 steps:

1. For Alibaba Cloud. It provide Cloud Enterprise Network for cross-region connection. It support data source in different region connect into one whole network. You would use Express Connect or VPN Gateway or Smart Access Gateway to connect to Alibaba Cloud

2. Alibaba Cloud Datawarehouse support using tunnel commands or DTS tools to upload data to Maxcompute. Support Data Type: MaxCompute, RDS(MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL), Oracle, FTP, ADS(AnalyticDB),  OSS, Memcache and DRDS.OSS is Alibaba Cloud object storage service.
RDS, ADS,DRDS is Alibaba Cloud Database service.

3. MaxCompute is a fast and fully hosted GB/TB/PB level data warehouse solution. DataWorks is an important PaaS service. It provides a one-stop data development and management console. MaxCompute seamlessly integrates with DataWorks, which provides one-stop data synchronization, task development, data workflow development, data operation and maintenance, and data management.

4. DataV is a powerful yet accessible data visualization tool, featuring geographic information systems.  Quick BI is a new generation of self-service intelligent BI service platform.

5. Overall Alibaba cloud security. What are the baseline security and compliance requirements? What technology / services should be procured? E.g., Anti-DDoS, WAF, Guard Duty, deep packet inspection, DLP, …