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My Alibaba Cloud ACE Experience ---Part3

More Posted time:Jul 19, 2020 18:47 PM
Hi Everyone, I am continue to share my experince, how to make a good preparation for the exam.
wish it could be helpful.

Learning Course.
I am a lazy boy, I like reading, but it know rarely about something,  it is not easy to keep you enjoy the long time reading.  so I usually find a learning course video to watch, after I had my concept and some understanding, then I could study by myself. at that moment , reading is more efficient.

But it is a good new for you.  Alibaba Cloud provide the learning course for you.  I had tried. it is very useful for you to get acknowledge about Aliababa Cloud service. it is nearly free, just need USD.0.99.  it is in the offical website. what could I say , take it ! take it ! take it !

the vaild time is 5 years,  I had took all the three course. even you do not prepare for the exam, during the learning course , you would learn a lot.  believe me.

What is more, Alibaba cloud provide many free E-learning courses, I had never seen any vendor had been so kind before.  By the link as below , if you are unclear about some Alibaba function, you would always find the answer.

I would show you some learning course I bought before for AWS and Azure. one course is usually more than USD 20 which already with a great discount.

Experiment Exercise
You could try Alibaba Cloud Free Trial, over 40 Products for free worth $450-$1300 USD.
It is up to 12 Months usage for Elastic Compute Service.
so if you want to pass the exam. do some testing , familar with it, it is the best way.
the free trial link as below:

for example ,click on try now

you would see I have a free ECS,  try what you want!

A lot of service it support, like SLB, OSS, RDS...

Alibaba Cloud also support for the sandbox lab testing. but it is not free.
the link as below:

Notebook and Document Center
You definitely need make your our summaries. notebook would be real, it wirte on paper, or you type into the evernote. but any way, you need collect --summary---remember.  believe me, if you do not make a summary, you would not remember it on exam day.

Aliaba Cloud give a very great document support. you would check the detail documents , the links as below:

what I want you to remember for the important service, ECS ,VPC, OSS RDS, SLB ,it must click on it, then choose the scenarios one, read it carefully, you would learn a lot

Last with My Blessing
I wish to give my blessing, everyone could past the exam successfully.

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good to share details