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My Alibaba Cloud ACE Experience ---Part1

More Posted time:Jul 19, 2020 18:46 PM
I am so excited to pass Alibaba Cloud Expert --Cloud Computing (ACE) exam recently. it has been an unforgettable moment, I had learned a lot during this period. It is even more valuable than the ACE  title.
I want to share my wonderful experience with everyone. I want to tell you three parts.
Part 1 :  What is ACE exam ( exam scope ,exam content exam time ) and how to apply for it ?
Part 2 :  The technical key points what i had sort out for Alibaba Cloud service and function , it is all base on my real experience. I believe if you want to perpare for this exam. it will be a very very big help.
Part 3 :  What perparations I did for this exam ?  How to improve your understanding and ability of alibaba cloud ?  which learning course and experiment you need ?

so let us move to Part 1.

What is ACE exam ?
Alibaba cloud has three levels certifications, Associate--- Professional --- Expert.
ACE is the highest level. ACE means Alibaba Cloud Certified Expert.
if you want to make a compare with other cloud vendor,  like AWS, Azure. they just had two levels.
From the exmaination content and knowledge requirements
ACE (Alibaba Cloud Certified Expert) is equivalent to  AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional  or Azure Certified Solution Architect.

It is very worth to fighing for it.  You really need multifaceted capabilities to pass this exam.
During this process , you would learn a lot and improve your understanding and capacity not only just for Alibaba cloud , for the whole cloud technologies. From my point,  the problem solving and architecure ability is not limited to cloud vendor. It would always with you.

How much about the exam fee ?
I believe very strongly that it is a big suprise to you. the exam fee is just USD 168. it is on a big discount,  I believe the discounts is just Alibaba Cloud hopes to expand its international influence。
Compare with other cloud vendor,the same level , you would save more than USD 100,  it is a lovely gift, please take it.   I am not sure how long will the discount last , if you want to get the certificate,  please come on and do it now.

Prerequistites for the ACE exam ?
As for now, there is no limit and prerequisties for ACE exam global. Please cherish it.  I think the policy may change.   which time ? I do not know.   the reason is my had some friends in Mainland China, they told me, the ACE exam prerequisties in Mainland China is very very high.  you need have more than 5 year cloud working experience and you need pass the related Alibaba Cloud Professional exam (ACP).
What I want to tell you friend?  Take the exam as soon as possible, you will never regert.
Be quick!  Be quick!  Be quick!

ACE exam score and duration ?
I had passed the ACE ---Cloud Computing exam, please allow me introduce it.

the total score is 150.  The pass score is 90, you read it right.
I am truly think it may change later.you need what it means ?  it means if you make a good perparation , you would 100% pass the exam.  it is another gift.  some exam like AWS. it will never know the pass score. In March , you got 65 . you lost the exam, but maybe in April , 65 pass the exam. it is up and down base on the pervious number of exams and results.

I do not love guess, I love this one.

the exam only has choices for you.  50 signle , 25 multiple,  each point is 2.
you will have 150 mins to answer it.    2 hour and a half , time is definitly enough.

How to plan exam location and time ?
it is very easy and convenience.  the exam organize by Pearson VUE.  if you already take some other exam,  you must know it. it is the biggest third party exam center around the world. you could easily find the exam center in your city.   the steps as following.
Exam time : i suggest you book one month ago.

1.  click the link and select take the exam:

2. you may need register an account, finish it and click view exams

3. choose the right exam code,  ACE-Cloud1

4. choose the exam center, for example , I am in Hong Kong, so enter I could see 5 exam center nearby my location

5. choose one exam center, then for example the first one, click on next

6.  Now today is July 18th,  you would see you could not book July time, you would choose Aug, so I suggest you book it one month ago , it would be better,

7. I choose August 10, then choose the morning or afternoon time , i choose 2:00 PM usually.

8  the last one check your information  and checkout.

9  Last but the most important ,please  use buy now , and take the exam code to enter, otherwise it will show as the USD 280.

ACE Exam Content  and Sample Questions Q&A
it is really include a lot of content,  i strongly recommond you read the exam outlines, the link as below:

let me introduce it breifly.

Knowledge : 2 parts.
1. Alibaba Cloud Knowledge (ECS, SLB,OSS,CDN, VPC , Cloud Security and so on)
2. Common IT knowledge (network protocol HTTP,FTP,TCP,UDP,ICMP,software develpment lifecycle, large-scale distributed system architecture and so on)

you need not only Alibaba cloud knowledge but also common IT knowledge, You need to solve problem , you will be request know it,  no introduction will come in the exam.

Capacity : properly selecting architectures and evaluating the impacts.
diagnosing common issues and finding solutions.
providing the best practices and architecture gudiance during the project lifecycle.

you will meet many many situational questions, this point is like AWS SA exam.  you will be rarely asked about the product attributes.  what i can say, you need understand it, otherwise, it iwll be a suffer.

let us look at the exam sample questions

Single selection
1. A startup company has hired you to build a mobile application that is expected to see a doubling of the quantity of images (now billions) and videos stored on Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) every six months. Due to the business nature, the company predicts a sudden dramatic increase in traffic flowing to and from OSS. In addition, the company has to fulfill performance requirements for processing the application. What information do you need to determine whether OSS is the right choice for the business?
a) How many customers the company now has (which is critical to understanding the company's
customer base over the past two years)
b) Whether the amount of OSS storage is sufficient for an appropriate space design of the
application architecture
c) Size of a single object being written to OSS (which allows for appropriate adjustments to the
application architecture)
d) Total number of OSS requests per second at peak times

the right answer is C
A: the capacity of OSS is unlimited, so we do not care how many, we could hold the whole world customer.  wrong.
B: Alibaba OSS service is auto sufficient , you do not need to choose or select the amount, wrong.
C:  it is what you need care about, if the file bigger than 5G ,it has a limit for direct upload, you need use multiple upload, it will impact the upload method and efficiency. it is right.
D: the capacity is unlimited , you do not need worry about it. so wrong.

2. As its business and customer base keep growing, a company needs to transform itself digitally. The original online trading system uses a chimney-style architecture that has become incapable of dealing with the increasing number of requests. Given this, the company executives decide to upgrade the original system with the help of Alibaba Cloud to solve the problem. They want the new system to go online as soon as possible. As an architect, how do you design the most appropriate upgrade solution?
a) Without any reconstruction, upgrade the original system to a high-performance host system to
improve performance.
b) Without any reconstruction, upgrade the original system by building a load balancing cluster to
improve performance.
c)Upgrade the original system by building a load balancing cluster, reconstructing the original system into a stateless application, and separating the application and database.
d) Reconstruct the original system into a distributed microservice architecture in which database and
table shards are used for distributed processing.

the right answer is B
A: please remember always, the benefit of cloud architecture will be horizaontal expansion, distributed. it will never be use a high-performance, one high-performance we will easily use 3 or 4 common or low performance to replace in cloud.  the high-perfornance is a troditional , helpless way.
B: I choose this one,  the load balancing will solve the request problem and one key point, as soon as possible ,   time is gold. it meet all requirements.
C: if not requirement as soon as possible, it would be a good solution , but it is not suitable for this question.
D: it is also not meet the as soon as possible requirement.

Multiple selections
1. A cloud e-commerce platform is going to hold a sales promotion during Christmas. At present, the
customer has built an online shopping platform on Alibaba Cloud by using Server Load Balancer (SLB),Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Relational Database Service (RDS), and Object Storage Service (OSS).When handling a surge of business traffic during the past holiday sales promotions, the customer's platform encountered the following problems: Because of great purchase demands for certain holiday products, the number of access requests for such products was too large, resulting in image loading failures on shopping pages. Transaction pages of hot-selling products were loading slowly or even could not be opened. To build the cloud architecture in advance to cope with the growth of business traffic during the sales promotion, if you are an Alibaba Cloud architect, which of the following solutions do you think are the most reasonable and effective? (two correct answers)
a) Enable Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) and separate the details pages of
hot-selling products from those of general products in the business system. Statically process the
details pages of hot-selling products to allow servers to dynamically determine only user clicks for
buying products, and cache other static data on CDN.
b) Use the data control module of the business system to cache the data of hot-selling products in
advance on ApsaraDB for Redis, implementing high concurrency and relieving the RDS access
c) Change the instance type to upgrade the configuration of SLB instances and increase the
bandwidth to handle the traffic surge.
d) Configure existing RDS instances as single RDS instances to improve database performance.

the right answer is A B
from the scene. we could see the key problem is hot-selling products were loading slowly or even could not be opened.  usually we could see it in two part.  client ---- server
what we could do to improve.
Client side:  CDN is your best choice,  the cache will not be impact by the network. A is right.
Server side:  we had ECS for computing, RDS for Database, SLB for load balancing. SLB is just do the load balance, if you had CDN , the bandwidith will not be the main cause, so C is wrong.
so the limited is mainly on RDS side. how could we improve it ?
you would have sereval ways , like use Redis as cache,  the B is right, or some other ways, like use DRDS, or add read-only RDS instances
D is not recommond, RDS need communicate and sync.  it is not a good way.

2.An Internet finance company has deployed its official website on Elastic Compute Service (ECS) based on Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). For security reasons, the company did not configure any public IP addresses for ECS when purchasing ECS instances. In the meantime, the company deployed the official website on multiple ECS instances to guarantee the concurrency and performance of frontend access. To give users of this enterprise access to services on ECS over the Internet, which of the following methods are correct for establishing a cloud architecture? (two correct answers)
a) Create a Server Load Balancer (SLB) instance on VPC, and add multiple ECS instances to the
backend of the SLB instance. Then, users can send requests to the SLB instance, and the SLB
instance will forward the requests to backend ECS instances for processing.
b) Create a Network Address Translation (NAT) gateway on VPC and configure destination NAT
(DNAT) entries to map a public IP address to ECS instances on VPC, so that users can have access
to ECS over the Internet.
c) Create a NAT gateway on VPC and configure source NAT (SNAT) entries to map a public IP address
to ECS instances on VPC, so that users can have access to ECS over the Internet.
d) Create an SLB instance on VPC, add multiple ECS instances to the backend of the SLB instance, and bind an Elastic IP Address (EIP) to this SLB instance. Then, users can send requests to the EIP
bound to the SLB instance, and the SLB instance will forward the requests to backend ECS
instances for processing

the right answer is B D
the requirement is user need access to services on ECS over the Internet.  the company did not configure any pubilc IP for ECS.  so how could we connect to the Internet.  usually it has three ways:
1, EIP on ECS  (not allowed by scene)
2. NAT Gateway.  (B)  NAT Gateway had two functions, SNAT and DNAT.
SNAT  from ECS to connect to outside internet.
DNAT  from outside internet to access to ECS.
for this scene,  our user need access the ECS over Internet, it is DNAT function.
so B is right.  C is wrong.
3. EIP on SLB     ( D)  D is right,  A do not mention bind the EIP to SLB instance. A is wrong.

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