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Importance Of QuickBooks Enterprise for Businesses

More Posted time:Jun 30, 2020 14:15 PM
Accounting software like QuickBooks has a lot more than offering easy accounting solutions for embellishing the business growth. It has led numerous businesses to adapt themselves to QuickBooks due to its easy setup and functionality. Yet, it offers products to different industry types under three versions, QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. Among all the versions of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Enterprise is a whole pack of all the versions fit for the larger and developing companies but hosting it on the cloud shape is more approaching to most of the companies. Unlike other tools, it has also advanced features that can aid businesses to grow magnificently.
And with the above writing, we have got to know that QB Enterprise on the cloud is the preference of most of the businesses. But to find out what importance it plays, this blog is the most convenient place. Therefore let us dig into it.  
Importance Of QuickBooks Enterprise for Businesses


In a competing era, it is not easy to safeguard the companies’ files as the threat can arise from anywhere, from the external or internal infrastructure. However, when access is granted to multiple users the possibilities of risk are higher, for which QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting eases the concerns. It is because with the new security account setup of QB enterprise employees are granted access according to the responsibility and ranking in the company and the hosting providers store the data through multi-factor authentication

Wide range of accessibility

QuickBooks Enterprise becomes a lot easier when it is hosted on the cloud as the users are able to access the data remotely. This means data is accessible from any part of the globe via the internet using a compatible device. This also enables at least 40 stakeholders of the company to access the data simultaneously which is vast. Therefore it ensures to provide quality and real-time reports enabling the business for more productivity.


Since accounting transactions are made on a daily basis, files pile itself to a great extent. Due to which the application can crash down but with QuickBooks Enterprise the size of the file is merely a problem. Because it can scale a large number of files up to 1gb which makes it compatible for storing a massive quantity of data. Besides, it can make a greater impact on developing companies as they can have a tremendous volume of accounting files than the other industries.

Data backups

Especially in big companies, there is a high possibility of making a mistake when an individual is not careful. But even a small error can be a big threat to a business accordingly, when the data are stored in in-house devices threats like computer theft, power outage, and hard drive damage is likely to occur. However, when the files are stored in the cloud these data are automatically backed up and do not require any cost while restoring it. Moreover, the files of third-party applications can also be backed up.

Technical Support

It is not possible to work smoothly when we have technical issues. Hence when the QuickBooks Enterprise subscription is purchased technical support is offered for free for a year. And this support is reliable as the IT experts of the hosting providers resolve the issues enabling businesses to work smoothly without being delayed for any reports. Even unlimited customer support is offered through different platforms like chat, emails, and phone.

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Posted time:Jul 2, 2020 22:17 PM
Here are some of the reasons why growing businesses should buy QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

1. It can grow with the business
For a company that has an objective to establish itself in the market in the coming years should be proactive in its approach. Hence, you should look for solutions that can grow with the business. Otherwise, with time, you would have to keep migrating to different business management software solutions.
QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop is the most scalable solution offered by Intuit. The earlier QB Enterprise versions offered a maximum of 30 users. However, Intuit has increased the number of users to 40 in the latest QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum 20.0 Diamond package.

However, the important thing to note here is that you can buy 1-10 user license when the business is in the early stages and can upgrade later as it grows, and you require more users. Hence, you always pay only for the users you need.

2. No need for an ERP
ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a business management solution comprising of all the core business functions like sales, HR, finances, customer management, etc. However, the ERP solution is cost-effective only for multinationals with a considerable workforce.

A small/mid-sized business cannot leverage all the features of an ERP solution. Also, the prices of these ERP solutions are generally on the high side, not affordable by a growing business.

QuickBooks Enterprise has all the essential accounting features like invoicing, payroll, payments, and receipts that a growing company needs. On top of the accounting functions, you also get some advanced features like inventory, reporting, and sales, so you get a complete business solution.
Hence, you get all you need in QuickBooks Enterprise and save the cost of deploying a dedicated ERP solution.

3. Integrate useful applications
As the business keeps growing, the company required additional functions, along with that provided by QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. These functions can be anything from employee time tracking to a simple data import/export tool.
Various applications are available to accomplish these complementary functions. However, it is essential that the applications integrate with your QuickBooks Enterprise, so the dataflow gets automated.
QuickBooks Enterprise offers integration with over 200 third-party applications covering diverse functions. Hence, you do not need to look anywhere else when you decide to opt for QuickBooks Enterprise.

4. Get unlimited support
Whether you have a dedicated IT team in your office or not, there are some issues that can only be resolved by experts. Intuit offers exclusive customer support, which implies that you can contact their team of QuickBooks experts for help with installation and setup of QB Desktop Enterprise. Moreover, you can also contact them in case of any queries.
However, if you opt for QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting service from an Intuit Authorized Commercial Host, you get round-the-clock support regarding all your IT issues. This, along with QuickBooks support, means that you can work worry-free with expert assistance at your beck and call.

5. Solutions specific to your industry
One of the most important considerations for a growing company is to identify the key features they need in business software for their type of industry. Otherwise, they end up paying more than they use or do not get enough features to accomplish their tasks.
With QuickBooks Enterprise, all your worries of getting the right features vanish as it offers business-specific solutions to industries like construction, nonprofit, retail, professional services, accountants, wholesale and manufacturing, among others.

• Construction: If you are a contractor, QuickBooks Enterprise offers the best solution for you. It helps you manage your projects efficiently by estimating job costs accurately. Moreover, you also create work orders, get customized report bundles, schedule tasks, and set reminders.
• Manufacturing and Wholesale: QB Enterprise for manufacturing and wholesale lets you manage your inventory by tracking items by serial number, lot number, or bin location. You can get a dedicated dashboard to manage your sales orders and check inventory levels in real-time.
• Retail: With QB Enterprise solution for retailers, you get key insights into your retail business with reports like monthly sales by customer and purchase volume by vendor. You can also automate the pricing by setting rules for items, such as quantity discounts and scheduled promotions. Other features include sales summary form and sales graph.
• Nonprofit Organization: If you are a part of a nonprofit setup, QuickBooks Enterprise helps you store the donor list securely by setting roles and access permissions for users. You also get built-in templates to customize donor forms with the designed logo and statement.
• Professional Services: QuickBooks Enterprise offers a customized solution for service-based businesses. Its advanced features help in monitoring the cashflow with the help of projections. You can create job costing estimates by comparing the cost of multiple projects, track progress and profitability levels, and more.
• Accountants: The QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Edition offers specialized services for the accounting professionals so they can serve their clients effortlessly. Features like QuickBooks File Manager and Accountant Center helps in better management and sharing of files with clients and easy reconciliation, respectively.