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Is QuickBooks Desktop Pro Cloud-Based?

More Posted time:Jun 15, 2020 14:24 PM
QuickBooks is one of the most popular basic accounting software around the world. Accountants, CPAs, SMBs all cave for QuickBooks alike. Another one of the good things about QuickBooks is that it comes in multiple versions, tailored to fit each business size, from a small to a bigger business.

Namely, the three versions are QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.

QuickBooks Pro- A Brief

The Pro version is just the ideal choice for a small business or for those who have started their venture but don’t have a huge customer base yet. It is fit for a business with up to 3 users. With QuickBooks Pro desktop software, one can get all the necessities full-filled such as creating a purchase order, tracking inventory, and generating a report.

With the advancement in technology and the growing adoption of cloud technology, whether big or small, a number of businesses are migrating their operations to the cloud. This poses a question in the minds of the consumer- is QuickBooks Pro hosted on the cloud? Or how well does cloud based QuickBooks Pro function?

The answer to that is, QuickBooks Pro isn’t a cloud-based software, it’s a desktop software but it is cloud compatible and can be hosted on the cloud.
With this brief knowledge, let’s take a dip further into the following factors:

Steps To Host QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro can be hosted on the cloud following these simple steps:
  1. First and foremost, choose a hosting provider that best suits the business needs, budget.
  2. The existing QuickBooks Pro license can be used for hosting or if required purchase a new license.
  3. After you share this license with the cloud provider, the licensed copy QuickBooks Pro would be installed on the cloud servers by the hosting provider.
  4. After installation, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is set up by the hosting provider to facilitate connectivity between the end-user device and the server.
And Voila! You can now access QuickBooks Pro software on the cloud via a web browser or RDP shortcut.

Benefits of Cloud-based QuickBooks Pro

Having known how to host QuickBooks Pro on the cloud, let’s now see the benefits of having it on the cloud.

1) Easy Collaboration

One of the most coveted features of cloud computing revolves around the ease of association between co-workers. Collaborative working is one of the major advantages of QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting.
With the software on the cloud, multiple users with authorized keys can access the data unanimously even from different locations. Users can edit, review and analyze files alike.

2) Enhanced Add-On Integration

It is often seen that only a single accounting software is not enough to get a task done. An accountant might need other software or apps to get a holistic experience. Now with QB Pro on the cloud, various third party apps and add-ons can be integrated with the main software.
This makes the task extremely fast and easy. Third-party app integration makes tasks such as time tracking, report making, creating bills, relaxed and less time-consuming.

3) Easy File Sharing

Cloud hosting eliminates the need for long haul email communications. Having all the data on a centralized cloud service makes it easy for all the employees to exchange ideas. They can share documents, edits, suggestions seamlessly. On the positive side, archaic methods like faxing can be put to rest.

4) Scalable Plans and Flexible Resources

We are aware of the fact that during tax season, there is always an influx of customers for accounting firms. Or in other words, we can say that the business doesn’t always remain on the same scale all year round. This is where the scalability feature of cloud accounting comes into play.
With flexible resources and scalable plans, firms can always upscale or downscale their hosting plans for no additional cost. With QuickBooks Pro hosting, accountants ultimately pay only for the services they’ve used.

5) Reduced On-premise IT expenses

All of us would appreciate as minimal of an investment as possible. With QuickBooks Pro desktop hosting, the need to have an on-premise IT infrastructure and a dedicated IT team is abated. All of the server maintenance and upkeep is taken care of by the cloud hosting provider, thus exempting the accountants from itching their heads regarding the IT domain. It also saves up a lot of money that would have been shelled out on an extensive IT unit and staff. This makes cloud hosting all the more efficient and appealing.

Factors To Look For In a Cloud Hosting Provider

One thing to consider when opting for cloud hosting is the end-user experience. This factor regarding any software depends majorly on the quality of service provided by the cloud hosting companies. Irrespective of the software, if the service provided is not up to the mark, the entire user experience can be hampered.
When looking out for a QuickBooks Pro hosting provider, one should always keep in mind to research and scrutinize the market thoroughly. Before zeroing down on any cloud hosting company make sure you tick this checklist:
  • Server Performance/ 99.9% uptime
  • Quality of customer support/ 24*7 availability
  • Data security measures/ end to end encryption
  • Data recovery/ equipped data centers on multiple locations
  • Platform flexibility/ scalable hosting plans
  • Affordable tariffs/ lowest possible price for required features
Keep these essential points in mind before signing up for services, and you can also read more about questions to ask your cloud hosting provider.

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