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QuickBooks Hosting or QuickBooks Desktop Which One Do You Need?

More Posted time:Jun 12, 2020 15:37 PM
As per the industry buzz, we already know that QuickBooks is one of the most meticulous accounting software in the market. It is an accounting software targeted mainly towards small and medium businesses.

Developed by Intuit; QuickBooks desktop comes in 4 major versions –QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, and QuickBooks POS. These four versions have been developed by Intuit catering specifically to cater to the size of businesses from micro to small to medium. QuickBooks POS is marketed specifically towards retail businesses, irrespective of the size of the business.

Now, having known a brief about QuickBooks desktop and its versions, one needs to decide which of the ones is the best for them. Is it QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks hosting on the cloud?

If you are wondering what QuickBooks on the cloud is, then here’s a short brief for you. QuickBooks on the cloud is just the preferred version of QuickBooksDesktop that is hosted on a cloud server. Dedicated or shared, and it can be accessible to the user via the Internet.

QuickBooks on the Cloud- A Game-Changer

When a user purchases any software for their tax and accounting needs, uncountable thoughts go into it. Not to mention that QuickBooks by itself is productive software. In fact, most of you will also have a fair share of expectations from the software.

When it comes to the desktop version, one of the most prominent drawbacks of QuickBooks desktop is its restrictive access. Yes, having QuickBooks installed locally on one single system is quite restrictive. Also, it puts a hold on the maximum productivity output of the software.

As an alternative, if a user opts for QuickBooks hosting, they can make the most out of their software irrespective of the version. You will definitely agree that the cloud gives not only freedom but flexibility; something a locally installed software fails to provide.

Working of QuickBooks Desktop

When you decide to go the old-fashioned way and opt for QuickBooks desktop, you require buying the software from Intuit. You can choose any version of QuickBooks as you please and have it installed on a single local computer system.

Depending on the version this software can be accessed by 1 to 10 users, the least number for the Pro version, and the maximum for the Enterprise version. But the catch here is that all these users have to be in proximity to the system on which QuickBooks is installed.

Yes, you can only access QuickBooks Desktop when you are in the office where it is physically installed. Apart from that, you also have to look after the upkeep of this software and the hardware on which it is installed.

It is efficient in saving time by automatically adding PO numbers directly to the invoice emails. This eases the search time for you if you are looking for your invoice emails with the help of PO numbers.

How does QuickBooks Hosting Work?

Unlike the locally installed variant of QuickBooks desktop, the cloud-hosted version is accessible round the clock and on any smart device via the internet. QuickBooks on the cloud gives you the flexibility of working by encouraging remote working.

When on the cloud, up to 40 licensed users can access the QuickBooks data, which is hosted on a centralized cloud server. We understand your requirements and offer a multi-user facility. This simply means that you can add as many users as you require.

When opting for QuickBooks hosting, all you need to do is share the QuickBooks key with the hosting provider and the rest is taken care of by the cloud provider. The cloud hosting provider shares all the access details with the client and thereafter the software can be accessed on the cloud anytime anywhere!

Cost of QuickBooks Desktop vs Cloud Hosting QuickBooks

When opting for any of the services, price does matter. The approximate price of the 3 desktop versions of QuickBooks are as follows:
  • QuickBooks Pro- $299.95
  • QuickBooks Premier- $499.95
  • QuickBooks Enterprise- $1091.70
Now, these figures are just for the purchase of the software. You will find a lot more behind the curtain charges incurring when you have QuickBooks desktop installed locally on a system. These costs include:
  • Infrastructural cost for storing the piles of QuickBooks data
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Cost to upkeep the software and hardware in case a discrepancy occurs
On the other hand, when the same version of QuickBooks is hosted on the cloud, you will find the price range to start from nearly $33 per month. You are exempted from all the extra upkeep and infrastructural maintenance charges, which could have been an additional thousand dollars or more.

Software Setup

The quintessential part of any software is its setup. It is evident that if a software is installed locally on-premise, all the setup hassle, electronic and hardware has to be borne by the user itself. This might be a treacherous task for accountants and finance professionals who are minding their business of tax. If you are one of them, you have to bear the pain of all the IT hassles, software issues, and troubleshooting.

On the contrary, when you opt for QuickBooks hosting, all of this setup chore is taken care of by the cloud hosting provider. So much so that all the user has to do is log in to their QuickBooks account over the cloud server and start with their work right away.

No setup hassles, no bug fixing, no head-scratching over which wire goes where. Every data storage and software upkeep is dealt with by the cloud hosting provider from their end.

Ease of Use: QuickBooks Hosting vs QuickBooks Desktop

Well, the prime reason why you should choose cloud hosting is the facility of ease of use. The same applies to QuickBooks hosting. With QuickBooks on the cloud, you can access your data anytime anywhere seamlessly. Irrespective of their geographical location, you can unanimously access your data without any hassle, that too via any device.

Comparatively, with locally installed QuickBooks Desktop, you remain confined to a single system on which QuickBooks is installed.

Customer Service

Another benefit of QuickBooks hosting is customer support. You get access to excellent support service round the clock.

In the case of cloud-hosted QuickBooks, customer service is provided by the cloud hosting provider. On the contrary, with locally installed QuickBooks, your only approachable customer support number is of Intuit, which is available during the day.


Do I Need to Buy New Software?

No, when you opt for hosting QuickBooks, you are not required to purchase any new or extra software. You can share the credentials of the existing version of QuickBooks with the hosting provider and continue with your work.

How much does QuickBooks Hosting cost per month?

The price of QuickBooks hosting differs as per the chosen cloud hosting provider. The starting range is as low as $33 per month.

Can you use QuickBooks hosting and Desktop?

Well, when you opt for QuickBooks hosting, you are basically using the same QuickBooks Desktop version, but just on the cloud. Simply put, QuickBooks Desktop is an effective cloud-based option.

Drawing towards the end, it can be concluded that QuickBooks hosting on the cloud is a better solution if increased productivity is your ultimate goal. QuickBooks Desktop is an ideal accounting solution as it just gets to an ameliorated version of itself when hosted on the cloud.

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Posted time:Jun 16, 2020 15:31 PM
If you are running a business and if you don’t want traditional solutions to hamper your business then you should choose QuickBooks hosting over QuickBooks desktop without any second thoughts. There are many advantages of choosing QB hosting.

If you will choose QB desktop then you will have to return to your office desktop in order to access your accounting software but if you will choose QB hosting then you will be able to access your books from anywhere in the world and at anytime. Along with this, you will also get better security for your QB hosting solution than for your QB desktop since cloud comes with multiple layers of security.

But this is not it, as if you will choose the cloud hosting solution then you will get 99.99% of high uptime but if you will choose QB desktop then you will need to deal with lots of interruptions as well.