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why my ECS black sreen?

More Posted time:May 29, 2020 13:23 PM
hallo, can you help me, why my esc black screen, no starup windows

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1st Reply#
Posted time:May 29, 2020 20:03 PM
Dear andow,
Please create a ticket in your Alibaba Cloud console and our team will help you with that. You can refer to the below link for the instruction of creating ticket:
Thank you.

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2nd Reply#
Posted time:Jun 10, 2020 9:24 AM
Hi Andow,

Black Screen on VNC generally comes due to 2 main factors.

1. The VNC is Disconnected.
2. Instance is in Sleep mode.

In either case you can send connect or wakeup commands. Check the Screenshots below:

CTRL + ALT + Delete Command is for waking up the System.

Again, If you do not want to use VNC, you can use much faster and easier RDP.
RDC (RDP) comes bundeled with MS Windows, and if you are using Linux or macOS, you can download it anytime.

In Windows, click on Windows button as shown below and type RDC. Hit Enter

Login Screen of RDC Below. You need to enter the public IP addrss of your Instance Username (Administrator) and the password that you had entered while creating or resetting the Instance

Hope you find solution with this update.
Will like to hear from you. Thanks!

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3rd Reply#
Posted time:Apr 26, 2021 23:05 PM
I'm having exactly the same issue.
Alibabacloud support should put out word on this instead of directing  to support, its more of a general issue. After all the hassle to successfully log in to the remote instance with little guidance provided (except you dig around this website finding help), one is greeted with black screen wih no clue on how to reach the windows desktop environment.