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What has made cloud computing a necessity in the modern era?

More Posted time:May 1, 2020 13:31 PM
There are 3 main points related to cloud computing

If you will look at the challenges faced by businesses in the modern era in comparison to what businesses dealt with a decade ago then you will find a lot of difference. Because of digitization and globalization, starting a business has become very easy and that’s why most of the industries have now very high competition. If a business in the modern era wants to thrive and get success in its industry then it will have to deal with each and every type of modern-day issue. Well, there are some technological solutions that are helping businesses to deal with modern challenges and one such solution is cloud computing.

There is no denial in the fact that cloud computing is no more a new kid on the block and it has become a new normal for most of the businesses but still there are many businesses that are still dependent upon their traditional solution. Well, there is nothing wrong with saying that cloud computing has become a necessity for each and every type of business because it is allowing them to deal with several challenges. And in this blog post, we are going to discuss those challenges and see how cloud is helping businesses to deal with the challenges.

The challenge of managing outsourced employees

Gone are those days when businesses used to make every employee sit under one roof as now in the modern era, outsourcing has become a new normal for each and every one. It doesn’t matter what is the size of your business or which type of industry you are in, you must be using some kind of outsourcing, and employee outsourcing is the most common one among them. Most of the small and medium-sized businesses outsource employees because they don’t have the budget to hire employees and keep them on their premises but managing an employee sitting at a distant location is a big challenge for SMEs and these challenges are dealt with the help of cloud computing.

Cloud computing is allowing SMEs to easily manage their outsourced employees as it allows the admin to give remote access to authorized people without compromising the security of the system and the business. It is the power of remote access that is making outsourced employees a strong base for success for SMEs.

The challenge of keeping data safe

You will be surprised to know that Microsoft alone detected more than 800 cyberattacks in 2019 and these were only the cyberattacks that were detected otherwise the total number is much more. Every year, the number of cyberattacks is increasing despite changes in the privacy policy and implementation of various security measures. Well, even small and medium-sized businesses are not an exception when it comes to cyberattacks as criminals know that breaching in the system of SMEs is very easy since they don’t have a robust security system.

But cloud computing solutions like QuickBooks hosting is helping businesses to deal with the security issue as it provides bank-level security for all the businesses. End-to-end encryption and other security measures like two-factor authentication make cloud computing completely safe for storing sensitive business data. This is why even small and medium-sized businesses are moving to cloud computing solutions in order to provide 360-degree security to their business solution and data.

The challenge of downtime
In the modern era, business continuity is surely the key to success but not all businesses are able to maintain it. Well, one of the biggest obstacles faced by modern-day businesses when it comes to business continuity is downtime. There are many businesses that get locked out of their system for a long period of time and that too on a regular basis. Such type of regular interruption doesn’t only act as an obstacle in the productivity of employees but it also proves to be bad for the reputation of the company.

Well, even this problem of downtime is solved by cloud computing as modern cloud vendors offer guaranteed uptime. You will be surprised to know that there are many cloud hosting providers in the market that even offer 99.99% of high uptime and if you will have this type of uptime then you will have to face only a few minutes of downtime throughout the year.

Well, cloud computing is helping businesses in dealing with many modern-day challenges and that’s why more and more businesses are flocking towards this advance, economical, and fruitful technological solution. There is no denial in the fact that cloud computing solutions come with a long list of benefits but you should know that using cloud computing solutions is also very easy. So, if you want to get expected results from your efforts then you should move to cloud computing solutions without any second thought.

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1st Reply#
Posted time:Jun 2, 2020 18:04 PM
I would like to add one more i.e. Flexibility. Flexibility is achieved in the following ways when using cloud computing:

Scalability; Cloud computing is the best option for businesses with fluctuating workloads since cloud infrastructure scales depending on the demands of the business.
Tools selection; Cloud computing allows businesses to select specific prebuilt tools and features to derive solutions tailored to their specific needs. An CPA can choose services like QuickBooks Hosting Services whereas an architect can select a powerful server such as windows virtual desktop azure for 3D rendering with GPU.
Cloud options; Cloud computing offers private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud solutions each with different features. Organizations can choose these options depending on what best serves their need.

Control choices;  Businesses can determine their level of control with as-a-service options offered by the cloud provider. These options include SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

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2nd Reply#
Posted time:Jun 12, 2020 15:32 PM
Through a service provider, cloud computing is a system that serves as an internet-based information centre where customers can access all kind of files and software safely through several different devices, no matter where they are.
If you are running a small or medium-sized business then there is no way to go around and you will have to thrive on technological solutions.
Well, streamlining your workflow has become a necessity for each and every type of business because in the modern era, customers have become very demanding and the rules and regulations governing various industries have become stricter. In addition to all this, even the competition in every industry has leveled up and businesses are not ready to miss even a single opportunity in order to get ahead of their competitors. Well, in such a situation, if you will not use technological solutions like cloud hosting for your accounting software then you will surely be left behind in the tough race of competition.
Advanced cloud hosting solution like QuickBooks desktop hosting has become a new normal for each and every kind of business, especially small and medium-sized businesses.
Some more features of QuickBooks Hosting following are:
The efficiency of data sharing
You don’t have to worry about updates and errors either rather than storing all of your important data on a single server, true cloud computing solutions use a remote cluster of servers, so if something goes wrong with one file or all of your data, it will be able to be transferred to another device, so no information gets lost.
The continuous availability and location independence that helps with data storage, computing as well as networking is also made possible with cloud computing. Information can be accessed easily, and similarly, user requirements could be accommodated even if they are in different time zones and geographic locations.
For example, for companies involved in marketing online, using cloud computing can be very useful. When having employees around the world with different time frames and need to share information that needs to be secure, instead of mailing it the web designer from the Miami SEO branch and the ppc consultant from San Francisco one could easily access to the same information and share their projects by going into the cloud software. This way the information that is exchanged is secure and be updated anytime.
Device Independence
How I mentioned before, the cloud computing software can be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world, and not only that but also it can be used with any device that has a browser and can have access to Wi-Fi.
Source: Sagenext