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[Forum Admin]cant login to my free trial windows server

More Posted time:Apr 29, 2020 17:19 PM
Hi, I just got a free trial with 2gb ram and 2 cores in uk region.
when I tried to enter the admin password after connecting to instance, it is showing incorrect password.
I tried resetting it and assigning a new password but after that also it doesnot work..

please help as I am very curioius to try the free trial.
Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks

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1st Reply#
Posted time:May 5, 2020 18:11 PM
same issue with me as well, I think you should try resetting password again that helped me. I tried 3,4 times which worked for me. If wont solve then open a new ticket. I am sure that they will definitely help you out.

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2nd Reply#
Posted time:Jun 10, 2020 7:39 AM
Hi Faiz and Manish,

Generally this happens due to one of the three issues listed below. I would suggest kindly check:

1. Password Error - I am suggesting all the ways to reset the same
2. Wrong spelling of Administrator in the Username of RDC
3. Sometimes Local domain of your Computer gets added with the Username like this:

So, when you try to login, the RDC will try to login to the Username attached to your local Domain and it will show an error in password. You can click on Use another Account after clicking on Connect and then enter Administrator along with your Password.

Now I am suggesting 2 Ways to reset the Password in Alibaba Cloud ECS Console. One is general Reset Password, and another is Getting a new OS by changing the whole Disk alongwith the OS of the Instance.

1. Resetting the Password: You can go to the ECS Console here and check for the list of Instance you have:

Then go to Instances in the picture as shown below and click on Reset  Password. There will be prompted a Reset Password Wizard where you can reset the password.

2. Resetting the system by changing the System Disk:

Click on More as shown in the picture below and go to Replace Sytem Disk via Disk and Image option

After this, you will be redirected to this page below where you need to click on Batch Change:

Once clicked, you will have to select the operating System, Version, Set and Confirm the new Password and you are good to go!

Hope this gets you the answer you are looking for. All the Best!