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OSS intranet + Cloudflare questions

More Posted time:Feb 7, 2020 17:58 PM
Hi all,
We want to move all the images files of our website to OSS. But I have some questions can cannot find the answer, please help.

Here is my scenario :-
1.) My ECS is located in Hong Kong Region
2.) Most of our customer are from internet and from US region
3.) For some business requirement our ECS need to be stayed in Hong Kong can cannot move
4.) We are using CloudFlare for our CDN services

Here is my questions :-
1.) Should I create the OSS bucket in US region ? since it will be mostly close to the user.  But If I create like this, all my read and write to the OSS from the website need to be an internet call.  (if work in this the Cloudflare CDN can work, becuase all the READ from the OSS is using the CNAME so Cloudflare know the file need to cache in CDN)

2.) If I create the OSS buckete in Hong Kong region, I can use intranet endpoint (according to the alicloud document) for the read and write so as to save some cost.  But something I don't understand
      2a.) If I use intranet as OSS endpoint, how the link of the image will be shown when the user in the browser view sources ? it will NOT be the intranet link cause the browser cannot reach the VPC intranet, so what it would be ?
      2b.) If I using the intranet end point the cloudflare cannot cache the file in the CDN, because Cloudflare need to leverage the CNAME record in my domain so it know the file need to cache.  But I cannot add a CNAME record with intranet link, right ?

Feel free to comment and many thanks.

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1st Reply#
Posted time:Feb 14, 2020 21:52 PM
Dear Rayray,
Please create a ticket in your Alibaba Cloud console and our postsales team will help you with that. You can refer to the below link for the instruction of creating ticket: https://www.alibabacloud.com/help/doc-detail/47605.htm#ticket
Thank you.