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Multiple EIP in ECS Instance

More Posted time:Dec 8, 2019 1:29 AM
So today I got replyed from Alibaba Cloud Tech Support, regarding to my question "HOW CAN I ADD ADDITIONAL EIP TO MY ECS INSTANCE". And the respond are shocking. They said, No you cannot additional EIP in ECS Instance (check the following screenshot). I was using Azure and AWS for more then a year already and have no problem with multiple EIP in single instance.

So after several reading and try out, I would like to share the following method on how to add additional EIP into your ECS Instance.

1. Login to your ECS Console. On the left menu section, expand the Network & Security menu, then click ENI.

2. Once you are in the ENI page, you will see single ENI in the list. Now we are going to create the secondary one, click CREATE ENI in top right of your page.

3. Fill all the required information.
Network Interface Name: Can be anything
VPC: Select the current connected VPC of your ECS Instance
VSwitch: Also select the current VSwitch used by your ECS Instance
Primary IP: Leave it BLANK
Security Group: Add the current security group you used for your instance

4. After ENI created, now you will see 2 ENI in your page.

5. Now BIND your second ENI to your ECS Instance. So it should look as follow.
eth0: Primary ENI
eth2: Secondary ENI

6. Once it BIND, now you can bind that ENI with EIP. But lets wait. Let say now you need additional 5 EIP instead of 2 EIP. Then lets assign 4 Private IP to your secondary ENI. So it will be something like this.

Now you have 5 additional Private IP from your second ENI or eth2. Then lets click EIP in your ECS Console, located within Network & Security section. Once you are at EIP page, order 5 EIP. Then bind those EIP with the following instruction.

1. Instance Type: SECONDARY ENI
2. Mode: NAT MODE
3. Secondary ENI: Choose the EIP that you would like to BIND

So I hope the above explenation is easy to understand. Thank you very much for your attention and just correct if I miss something from the above posting.

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