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[Others]Common office 365 Migration performance factors to be considered

More Posted time:Sep 20, 2019 2:13 AM
Email migration has several common factors that can affect migration performance.

Common migration performance factors

Thebelow details provide a list of common factors that affect migration performance. More details are covered in the sections describing the individual
migration methods.

·     Data source

Description: The device or service that hosts the data to be migrated. Many limitations might apply to the data source because of hardware
specifications, end-user workload, and back-end maintenance tasks.

Example: Gmail limits how much data can be extracted
during a specific period.

·     Data type and density

Description: Because of the unique nature of a customer's business, the type and mix of mail items within mailboxes vary

Example: One 4-GB mailbox with 400 items, each with 10 megabytes (MB) of attachments, will
migrate faster than one 4-GB mailbox with 100,000 smaller items

·     Migration server
Description: Many migration solutions use a "jump box" type of migration server or workstation to complete the migration.

Example: Customers often use a low-performance virtual machine to host the MRSProxy service for hybrid deployments or for client PC non-hybrid

·     Migration engine

Description: The data migration engine responsible for pulling data from the source server converts data, if necessary. The engine then transmits
the data over the network and injects the data into the Office 365 mailbox.

Example: MRSProxy service has its own capabilities and limitations.

On-premises network appliances

Description: The end-to-end network performance (from the data source to Exchange Online client access servers) affects office 365 migration performance.
Example: Firewall configuration and specifications on theon-premises organization

·     Office 365 service

Description: Office 365 has built-in support and features to manage the migration workload.
Example: The user-throttling policy has default settings and limits the overall maximum data transfer rate

Migration means you`re at a risk of data loss.
It`s better to perform it under a reliable vendor with good office 365 migration support. Afterall data security is the top goal when it comes
to migration.




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Posted time:Jun 16, 2020 22:25 PM
Email migration has several common factors that can affectOffice 365 migration performance.

Data source
Data type and density
Migration server
Migration engine
On-premises network appliances
Office 365 service