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Data Transfer Plan ordered automatically?

More Posted time:Sep 20, 2019 0:46 AM
I have created (while I'm on trial) a Frankfurt-based VM (instance).
Along with it, Data Transfer Plan product has been ordered.
Can someone explain me why it has been added (to me, it looks like a hidden cost):
- ECS instance costs $4.17/mo
- Data Transer Plan (still can't grasp what is it) costs $3.40
I would appreciate explanations on why Data Transfer Plan is mandatory for ECS instances.



Assistant Engineer
Assistant Engineer
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1st Reply#
Posted time:Nov 5, 2019 6:30 AM
Hey there!

I guess you would find the answer you are looking for in our documentation at, Data Transfer Plan. It is basically the plan that you use for your cloud services to connect to (and to be connected to), and can help you have your resources, on the cloud as well as on-premises, connect and share the data.

The primary benefit is that you get to pay by the traffic, and Alibaba Cloud globally distributed network will take care of the data transfers. The pricing that you are seeing there, is for the transfers outside Mainland China for the first 50 GB. You can read more about the product pricing here,

Oh, and as for your "ordered automatically" thing, basically cloud resources are charged based on the consumption. Most cloud providers (not talking specifically about Alibaba Cloud) charge for every resource being used, from compute, to memory, to storage, all the way to networking. Thus, this plan would help your resources be accessible to other services, otherwise this service will not be able to communicate.

Let me know if I can further help you understand the way cloud solutions are charged. Would be more than willing and happy to talk.

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2nd Reply#
Posted time:Sep 20, 2019 11:44 AM
Dear Konstantin,
You can click "Contact Sales" in the homepage. Complete and submit the form in it and our exclusive business advisor will get back to you soon. We have a global sales team available to assist you with this issue. Thanks.