[Activities]Try AliCloud for $1

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Try AliCloud for $1
For a limited time only, get a 30 days AliCloud trial at an exclusive
price. Offer ends November 30th.

AliCloud $1 Trial Terms and Conditions
1)     The AliCloud $1 Trial promotion is for a
limited time only and will run between November 5th~30th, 2015.
2)     Participating services are limited to the
following AliCloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and AliCloud Relational
Database Service (RDS):
a)      AliCloud Elastic Compute Service(ECS):
Dual Core CPU, 4GB Memory, VPC network, Efficient Cloud Disk/SSD Cloud Disk,
20GB (Linux) / 40GB (Windows) System Disk;
b)      AliCloud Relational Database Service
(RDS): MySQL5.6 Database,VPC network, 240MB Memory, 5GB Storage.
3)     Only registered AliCloud users are
eligible to participate in the trial. Trials are limited to one per registered
AliCloud user.
4)     Users purchasing the $1 Trial are expected
to complete payment within 15 minutes after placing an order on the product purchase
5)     Each day there are only 100 ECS instances
and 50 RDS databases available. The promotion begins at 00:00:01 PST (-8 GMT)
each day.
6)     Products can be renewed and continued at
the normal price after the 30 day trial period ends.
7)     Storage data disk and EIP are not included
in the trial campaign.
8)     In order to successfully initialize an
AliCloud ECS instance or a RDS database, it is necessary for the user to have
created an AliCloud VPC and VSwitch. AliCloud VPC is a free service available to all
AliCloud members.
9)     Refunds are not accepted.

10)   AliCloud reserves the right of final
interpretation of this campaign.

AliCloud $1 Free Trial FAQ

1)      Is there a limit to how many trial
ECS instances and RDS databases are available each day?

Each day 100 AliCloud ECS instances and 50 AliCloud
RDS databases which will participate in the $1 trial promotion. These will be
available on a first come first served basis.

2)      What is the original price for
AliCloud ECS and RDS

The normal price of an AliCloud ECS instance is US$33.60 per month
on a Linux system and US$40.32 per month on a Windows system. The normal price of an AliCloud RDS database is US$7.75 per month.

3)      Why can’t I complete my ECS order without selecting an AliCloud VPC?
All products participating in the AliCloud $1 Trial are based on the
AliCloud VPC network. When making your $1 trial order, please manually set up an
AliCloud VPC network before you purchase AliCloud ECS or RDS. In order to participate
in this campaign, please select AliCloud VPC and VSwitch in the US-West region. Click ‘how to buy’
on the promotion page for more details.

4)      If I click the ‘Start your $1
trial now’ button, am I guaranteed a trial?

to the daily limit of products, we cannot guarantee everyone
will receive a free trial. After clicking ‘Start
your $1 trial now’
you will need to complete your
payment within 15 minutes
or the page will time-out and you will need to re-start the payment process. In
the case that trials are sold out, more will be released the following day at
00:00:01 PST (-8 GMT).

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