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Is it possible that edge to edge communication in vpcs peering?

More Posted time:Aug 15, 2019 14:23 PM
I have 2 vpcs.
A VPC has a Fortigate connceted with EIP but  B VPC has none internet conneted ECS.
VPCs is being peered together.
In this case
Is   ECS in B VPC connect to internet via  VPC A;s Fortigate  ?

This image is similarly case like my qustion.

Assistant Engineer
Assistant Engineer
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1st Reply#
Posted time:Aug 15, 2019 19:58 PM
Hi, creating the proper route tables between VPCs using "VPC-to-VPC CEN", you can connect from VPC B to VPC A Fortigate's VPN and then use VPC A's Internet Gateway to access Internet.

In the image's case, you should use the CEN in the route table to route from VPC B to and then use the same CEN to route from VPC A back to
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