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[Others]trial questions

More Posted time:Apr 3, 2019 13:21 PM
I recently signed up for a 1 month trial. Couple questions, that I just wanted to make sure of:

1. it just said free 1 month with a trial instance. I assume it's "free", but see quotos for CPU, bandwidth, etc. I just wanted to make sure it's free as advertised vs gettting a suprise bill?

2. If there are quotos, and they are hit for the free trial, I would assume they notify me and give me a choice to continue paid or end the trial (not auto billing me)?

3. If I wanted to end the trial prematurely, it says to make sure I delete the instance first but can't. Creating a support ticket to end a trial seems silly, but is that the process?

3. Any logic why they would have a very old Ubunto option for the trial build vs newer release and not give the trial owner the ability to destroy and recreate a differenc einstance? Seems to defeat the purpose of trial.