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Three Reasons to Add Alibaba Cloud to Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

More Posted time:Mar 23, 2019 0:56 AM

Reason #1: Doing Business with China

Reason #2: Sheer Scale

Reason #3: High Security
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Posted time:Mar 18, 2020 23:41 PM
We’re now living in a multi-cloud world. More businesses than ever are deploying a
multi-cloud strategy and reaping the benefits. The numbers speak for themselves – with Cisco estimating that more than half of enterprises already use an
average of four different cloud vendors, and Gartner predicting that 70 percent of enterprises will employ a multicloud strategy by the end of this year.

When it comes to choosing cloud providers to meet different technical or business requirements, the  “big three” providers
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud (GCP) and Microsoft Azure Services, are well known to businesses. However, there’s a new kid on the cloud

block that’s looking to challenge these players’ dominant market position – Alibaba Cloud.

In fact, having seen enormous growth in the last few years since opening its first data centre
in the US in 2015, Alibaba Cloud is now the third biggest cloud provider after Amazon and Microsoft, with a 7.7 percent share last year. For businesses
looking to develop a successful multi-cloud strategy with complex dedicated virtual server environment, Alibaba Cloud is now a
serious contender in the cloud race and is increasingly being considered as a potential cloud partner.