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[Share]6 Effective Methods to Learn New Technologies Faster

More Posted time:Mar 8, 2019 16:52 PM
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Posted time:Feb 21, 2020 23:50 PM
As today new technologies are evolving at very fast pace , in order to grow and also to sustain in the market, it is very essential to keep yourself updated.
Most of the new technologies are basically new frameworks based on some existing languages or methodologies like there are lot of javascript frameworks (React JS, Node JS, Angular JS etc.) are available, in this case , it is mandatory to know atleast , basics of javascript.
So before starting any new framework or technologies , first understand basics of all the pre-required or base technologies or languages, then start new.
for learning new technology, i would suggest to study with the help of internet.
There are lot of videos and study materials related with new technology such as windows virtual desktop or tutorial about how to migrate g suite to office 365 available online today for the study.
so, one can start with looking through this material. it would be good if you start seeing technical videos using youTube , then try to implement the same using online editor or any IDE or code editor.
It is also mandatory to do practice of that technology whichever you are learning sideby side.
Once you are aware about basics of that technology, then start creating a project. It would give you a clear picture of that technology.
Once you are aware with the technology, one can also do some certification in that technology as it would increase some value into profile, most of the companies ask for certifications into that technology and it helps in profile shortlisting as well.
If someone is very new to technology, then one can also join training institute to learn that technology.