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Plagiarism checking script for article in PHP ?

More Posted time:Aug 4, 2016 17:03 PM

 I have an article.I am facing problem of plagiarism Authors are submitting UnOrignal articles. It is very difficult for me to check them one by one of copyscape and grammarly.
Please can you guide me how can I develop a piece of code in PHP check an article before interting in database for plagiarism If text orignal Insert in database other wise not.
I have good php programming skills I can code what ever that will be, but I am thinking where to start which technique will be used.There are lost of directories those have build-in plagiarism checking system like ezine.

Please share your ideas about this.

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Posted time:Jul 24, 2018 22:07 PM
You can check the following links to get what you want:

100% free plagiarism checker (ready-made checker based on PHP)
thanhtri/plagiarism_programming (Programming plagiarism checker using PHP)
Web Based Plagiarism Checker PHP Source Code (Web-based plagiarism checker using PHP code)

Hope this will help. If you are not satisfied with the answer, feel free to ask me the question specifying your requirement. Thank you.